Así del precipicio

Así del precipicio

Three flatmates in Mexico City face uncertainties: Lucía who has a great job as an art director for TV commercials is abusing alcohol and cocaine. She risks losing her job, going to prison ...

Three flatmates in Mexico City face uncertainties: Lucía who has a great job as an art director for TV commercials is abusing alcohol and cocaine. She risks losing her job, going to prison ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlie E (fr) wrote: very funny. a must watch even if you remember the old television show as it will bring you the cameo of one famous guy by the end of the movie. forget about the haters reviews here, go watch it yourself and your review will make you know how funny it is.

Jenna I (au) wrote: Unfortunately too flat, which makes it just feel predictable if not manipulative.

Dan H (us) wrote: A fantastic, and intimate documentary. One of the best.

Marcie H (jp) wrote: So cheesy...and yet strangely, I find myself addicted to Bollywood!

Jose M (ag) wrote: I have heard from fans express with sweet bitterness that the TV show is a lot better. I would not know I tell them, for I have never seen the show. Cowboy Bebop the movie is based on the wildly popular cult classic TV show about a bounty hunting crew in a space ship called Bebop. Since I never seen it, I did not know what to expect. I sat there amused by the characters mostly Spike Spiegel, the cool dialogue, and the plot involving a mad evil terrorist. If you are not a fan of Anime or Japanese cartoons, I suggest stay away from Cowboy Bebop, for you will be hooked!

emily h (es) wrote: um ew public bathroom floor?! this had a weird overall feel i didnt finish cuz i didnt like it

sKaTeR cHiC i luv anthony joe (jp) wrote: I love christian bale, i would love to meet him. I really need to see this movie, it looks good.

Scott R (it) wrote: Backdraft is really two movies: an ode to heroic firemen and a political thriller. As a consequence, it is long, bloated and disconnected. It should have just tried to do one well.

Ralph R (es) wrote: Old dude becomes young again. Young dude becomes old. This film is about as tasty as four day old socks.

luis o (ru) wrote: A gothic western melodrama from vincent minnelli. As far a melodramas this is great. Mitchum gives a strong performance as the father of a very dysfunctional family. He plays a womanizing texas rancher who has a illegitimate son from a mistress. The drama is propel further from his legitimate son played by george hamilton who has been naive to his father's way but he does find out, everything goes down hill from there. The film is long at 150 minutes but you can't help but watch how everything comes apart.

Ian C (jp) wrote: Encore dans le genre tellement mauvais que ca en est bon... Des scnes assez incroyable !

Grant S (us) wrote: Interesting Humphrey Bogart crime-drama.Novel plot: man (Dixon Steele, played by Humphrey Bogart) with a history of violence is accused of murder, female neighbour (Laurele Gray, played by Gloria Grahame) helps clear his name, they fall in love but she comes to be wary of his violent temper and thinks he may well have committed the murder. Had the makings of a great psychological- and crime-drama. However, the plot is not perfect. The relationship between Steele and Gray seemed rushed, contrived and implausible. It just seemed very unlikely that she would rush into a relationship with such a man, and maintain it after seeing what he is capable of. Especially as her character was one of cool calculation and rationality. Good ending, but not as profound as what it could have been. It was the logical ending, and that's about it.Solid performance by Humphrey Bogart in the lead role. Good to see him play a fallible, vulnerable, far-from-perfect character. Certainly not the good guy or hero in the movie, unlike many of his roles.

Alex K (ag) wrote: My Favorite Action Film Is 1988's Die Hard.