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Ask Kirmizi

Ferhat and Zeynep who really love each other a pair. They built a beautiful life. Ferhat was working in a reputable company. The future because of the work that has been working as a sales ...

The film asks the question would have been triple love. Ferhat and Zeynep is a happily married couple. Karlıdağ outside of marriage appears happy couple, the first love of life remained in the years ahead will be turned upside down with the introduction of the Euphrates Nazlıgül again. Zeynep even a night encounter with the former love of her husband Nazlıgül powdery mildew that can not bear to be separated , and that is the love in his heart can not prevent the re-ignition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee R (us) wrote: Well created for some Sweds

Heather M (es) wrote: This was a sweet story about a community's fight to save two dying horses before Christmas day.

Robin v (es) wrote: sweet movie about strangers in India and missed connections, the tragedies in everyday lives, and what it is to be understood by someone, or not. some lovely subtly filmed scenes, the auntie we never actually see, but who plays a role, and the general overwhelming humanity of Mumbai.

Tim E (it) wrote: A thoroughly entertaining look at the world of voice acting. I gained an incredible understanding and respect for voice acting because of this doc. It's fun and informative at the same time.

Jeffrey N (ca) wrote: As usual, Michael Moore mixes up some incredibly interesting factual information with absurd political ideas. It's worth watching for the ties between Goldman Sachs and the US Government. Unfortunately he ruins his expose with his personal politics.

Riley P (ca) wrote: a really gorgeous film. I always love to watch a movie that is so beautiful without using CGI or grand set pieces and effects. The beauty of Italy is captured so breathtakingly in this project. "I Am Love" walks a fine line between style and substance; always teetering between the two, but never falling one way. The story is moving enough, although some points aren't fleshed out as much as I'd like, and others are a little too fleshed out... Great performance from Tilda Swinton, but the supporting cast also shines. Overall, a definite recommendation from me.

Jack H (nl) wrote: its really hard to keep up with everything that happens but for the most part it gives you what you expect although i dont get the ending

John N (nl) wrote: gets a little redundant

Devlin R (es) wrote: "Etre et Avoir" is an unfiltered look at Georges Lopez, a French teacher reaching retirement whose passion for teaching and being around children moves beyond measure. Without any narrative, and rarely any other dialogue than between Lopez and his students and between students themselves, we are immersed into the one-room schoolhouse and left only to the children's insight as a narrative. The result is an experience of learning, growth, and eventual pride as Lopez watches his students move on. Lopez and his teaching proves that through quality education with respect to the individual child, there can be a very intimate and unique relationship between the two.

Seth L (fr) wrote: Great movie to nap through. Lot's of gratuitous english nudity.

Sarah F (ru) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Anna B (gb) wrote: Really enjoyed this, despite its tendency to push the cheesy romance angle at times. It has a great atmosphere and the story and characters are given room to grow, which is a rare thing in lesbian cinema. Melodramatic moments are smoothed over by committed actors, and god damn, Patricia Charbonneau is sexy as hell. Oh and Tambor's sudden brief appearance nearly made me fall off my chair, haha.

David J (jp) wrote: A mocking look at ineffectual terrorists in post WWII Berlin. Also a dark comedy and sonically one of the more difficult films i've sat though. The pacing, especially at the beginning is very slow, but the sort of blossoms after a bit and all the seemingly unrelated nonsense starts to come together into an interesting yarn with a couple of really brilliant sequences, and by brilliant i mean very bizarre and grating. Not the worst Fassbinder i've seen, but in the bottom half.

Televisnostic I (mx) wrote: Another film made on the Manson situation and the murders. It's creepy and very odd.I enjoyed every minute of it.

Gary (nl) wrote: A classic ordinary family. This movie holds a lot of great memories to me.

David L (gb) wrote: Lord and Lady Morley have been murdered and even worse, Inspector Winship (Knotts) and Dr. Tart (Conway) are on the case. Sent in by the yard to investigate, Tart and Winship are on the prowl to catch a killer that is staying right in the Lord and Ladies manor. They also received a letter from Morley AFTER he was dead. Say what? Somethin' a funny's a brewin' here? At the Morley mansion the private eyes meet the staff of the house, including a bimbo maid, a gypsy caretaker, a hunchback stable groom, a nutty butler, and a seductive mistress. One of these people is the killer?but who? Tart and Winship continue to piece together the mystery by questioning the staff and crew. But as the night wears on the bodies start piling up as one staff member after another is picked off by a mysterious shadow lurking in the dark. Time starts running out as the two men bumble and stumble their way through the house looking for clues in the form of notes left by the killer. But will they find the fiend in time, or will Tart, Winship, and the rest of the manor end up as yesterday's leftovers? I saw this as a kid and loved it. Its still hold up as a lite and fun film for the entire family. No bad words (one is implied, but not spoken) totally clean for the whole family. One scary part for kids younger than 6 or so, if you want to censor it, have your kids leave the room when they go outside to dig up the body. You have plenty of warning, they are in the crypt for a while before they open the coffin. It is written by Tim Conway, and of course stars Tim Conway and Don Knotts. Some of my favorite lines are "for a short person, you have long sentences" and Tim Conway's rambling "I think that someone doesn't want anyone to know that there may be someone here that might be someone that's a killer" line still gets me laughing! Highly recommended to anyone in search of a fun film

Alejandro E (nl) wrote: Heart-taking,lovely.Check it out.

Indu R (us) wrote: I thought this movie was funny. The cast was good and the plot was good focusing on two guys struggling with their lives. There was also some drama in this movie as well.

Ryan C (us) wrote: A teen rom-com that works because of it's entertaining leads, "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" is simple fun and definitely worth the watch.

Samantha S (nl) wrote: Typical DF film but it's fun all the same!