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Ask This of Rikyu

Sen no Rikyu (Ebizo Ichikawa) is the son of a fish shop owner. Sen no Rikyu then studies tea and eventually becomes one of the primary influences upon the Japanese tea ceremony. With his elegant esthetics, Sen no Rikyu is favored by the most powerful man in Japan Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Nao Omori) and becomes one of his closest advisors. Due to conflicts, Toyotomi Hideyoshi then orders Sen no Rikyu to commit seppuku (suicide). Notes

Sen no Rikyu is the son of a fish shop owner. Sen no Rikyu then studies tea and eventually becomes one of the primary influences upon the Japanese tea ceremony. With his elegant esthetics, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jett A (ag) wrote: It's better than it was made to be. The animation was pretty good, but the cliche story and the overuse of sex jokes is what really killed the movie. It's a shame too, this film had a LOT of potential. Overall though, I enjoyed it and it was worth buying the blu ray and viewing the sequels. Give it a chance at least.

May T (de) wrote: teachers should watch this movie

Ricco N (fr) wrote: A low standard comedy drama. you can find many unimportant jokes.

Dave J (mx) wrote: Ahead of it's time or dated plot? A little of both as it rumbles along trying to the thriller that everyone hopes it can be. Most of the cast is really not needed or they could have plugged in nobodies outside of Redford/McDonnel/Kingsley. Still has some interesting ideas and has a nice flow to it. Its not quite a 80s movie, but not quite something more modern and sleek.

jay n (us) wrote: Stupid fool acts like a spineless jackass for a little over an hour and a half. Some good performers are wasted in this dumb mess.

Karsh D (kr) wrote: Another decent Hammer offering with some fine character acting from most performers - especially the 3 scallywags which included a young Derek Fowlds.

Harry W (fr) wrote: I heard about Going My Way because I discovered that for some reason Barry Fitzgerald got nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor and Best Supporting actor for the exact same role.Of course, Going My Way is a dated filmGoing My Way is interesting in the way it touches upon the relationship between Father Chuck O'Malley and Father Fitzgibbon because I takes a meaningful look at the generation gap and the changing times in the context of priesthood, but much of the rest of the story simply doesn't have the same kind of interest to it that the relationship between the protagonists has. Going My Way doesn't go into much depth about what it presents at the beginning, instead going off into various subplots without ever sticking to much of a path and so it ends up as a very scattered film.There are a lot of characters in Going My Way that come and go with little making any consistent impact on the story, and the film itself shifts its focus between the relationship between its protagonists and how they engage with the surrounding characters. However, this means it is shifting between an interesting plot and what is essentially a series of extras in distracting story dynamics. It look little time before my interest in Going My Way faded because it simply feels like a rather basic film. It has the appeal of its lead actors and musical numbers, but underneath that its fairly generic. It would have to be less generic back in 1944, but 70 years later it no longer has the same effect.Going My Way is an example of a film which was basic back in the day, but had enough charm to overshadow it. But today it is easier to see that its story is a thin one. It relies more on its characters but the focus shifts in and out of the interesting characters, the two protagonists. There isn't much to take away from the story that isn't from the relationship between Father Chuck O'Malley and Father Fitzgibbon, so it has some interesting aspects and some good scenes, but as a whole it is rather dull, long and rudimentary.The film has a certain sentimental charm to it and it's a light one so it's easy to watch, but eventually it becomes a bit overloaded with sentimental sweetness. It's touching at times, but overall Going My Way is an overly optimistic film which prevents the nature of the drama setting in most of the time. It tries to be a comedy-drama, but ends up being more of an excessively light drama. Really, the nature of the film is too sweet and therefore too afraid to go into emotional territory, so it's not the thought provoking film you might hope for it to be.Going My Way, to put it simply, is very dated. It's hard for me to appreciate it because in the age we live in it just doesn't have any surprises. Back in 1944 there would have been less to compare it to so it would have been refreshing, but it's obvious today. It's themes have been covered better in many other comedies and dramas, and covered with more depth and substance. It seems to be an area that films in that age simply couldn't understand that well, and that seems clear from Leo McCarey's story which simply missed out on expressing much meaning and depth when it became a lighthearted feature. Director Leo McCarey simply fails to emphasise the dramatic elements of the film that well and when he tries it seems melodramatic amidst a lighthearted feature, and so the effect of it was not something I felt.I can say that the film was worth seeing for the nature of its story and that it had a lot of good scenery and appealing visual qualities captured by the fine cinematography, but it lacks much substance. The eyes of the viewer get captured by the entertaining musical numbers and the charm of the lead actors, but when you look beneath it you won't find too much. Really, Going My Way is a good attempt to step forward for Leo McCarey and serves as a front for some of the finest work by Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald, but its ambitions don't really go anywhere. I didn't hate Going My Way, but I wasn't entertained by it and found that it lacked enough quality to earn so many Academy Awards, including Best Picture.Most of the enjoyment I found in Going My Way came from the performances of the two lead actors, Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald.Bing Crosby who is known in entertainment as a very charming man puts all that into his lead performance in Going My Way to ensure that the lighthearted nature of the story feels bearable and not too senselessly optimistic. Bing Crosby brings the story in Going My Way to life and makes a charming lead actor alongside Barry Fitzgerald with whom he shares a very strong chemistry. Bing Crosby ius immensely likable for his lead role in Coming My Way, and he makes the film watchable from start to finish.Barry Fitzgerald also gives a great performance. He, like Bing Crosby, is very likable because as a priest he has to have a constant positive nature to him which he consistently hold as he takes on the story. And while the story isn't refreshing, his performance is. He is a charming screen presence with a distinct Irish accent, and seeing him go at it up against a star like Bing Crosby is great. Both actors prove themselves to be equally talented in Going My Way, even though Barry Fitzgerald was the one to somehow get nominated for two Academy Awards for his performance. But it is safe to say that both actors deserved their wins.So Going My Way has a good setup and a talented cast, but it is scared to truly look into the dramatic nature of its story and keeps things on an excessively lighthearted and pessimistic level, refusing to show viewers where the importance in it lies.

Jos M (gb) wrote: Enjoyable film, Maggie Smith is a terrific actress.