Aspettando il sole

Aspettando il sole

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Jessica H (jp) wrote: awesome movie but scaris ... sooo much better

Gaspar O (jp) wrote: A sweet, little capuchin turns into a flying demon monkey at night, goes around killing people in a most grisly fashion and multiplies if you kill it. YES!!! Alas, it is a Syfy film, and therefore, not terribly good. BUT, for the blood and gore, and all the human chewing fun, it's not bad for what it is.

Jose L (ag) wrote: Why u buyin cookies we can't eat woman !!!! Lol

Erwin F (ca) wrote: You have to admire the Tillmans for their values, most specifically honesty and integrity. What a moving and an eye-opening documentary on the military.

Carlos M (kr) wrote: A compelling crime drama centered on a miserable sociopath obsessed with a movie character to the point of murder - which makes him also a surprisingly tragic figure -, relying on a gripping performance by Alfredo Castro and also making a subtle political commentary.

Jude P (fr) wrote: Hope the sport events not shown closely, else a perfect movie.

James I (ca) wrote: Really incredible film. It has a wealth of information, it makes you think, it's nicely displayed, and it inspires you. It makes me wonder why people are going to huge block-buster movies with no plot and terrible acting; They could be watching this! It's just about people. No special effects, nothing fancy, just people talking. People saying important things. Everyone should see this movie. In the words of Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams: "Just get up off your butt and do something!"

Elian D (ru) wrote: It is entertaining, tough it is just one of those movies where things seem to just "happen" without a point. The "why should I care" factors heavily in the story where religion screwed up everybody's lives and art is almost irrelevant for the artist and there's a love triangle that isn't worth the trouble...Emma thompson is good as always, though a bit underused. Everyone else does an ok job (with "sebastian" probably being the better one). It's a nice movie, but entirely forgettable.

Fred (de) wrote: a bank heist from the basement of a Rave,awesome combination of techno and action

Erin M (jp) wrote: i think charlie plays a great part in the movie

Oliver M (kr) wrote: Loved the movie, if you dont want to think and just laugh out loud after a hard day at work, this is it. If you had a long long long work day this is truly it. It will garantee you a lot of laughs. You will laugh =)

Connor C (ca) wrote: Pocket Ninjas is a mess. Featuring environmental ninjas, instead of actual fighting ninjas!

Scott L (au) wrote: Too Cool, my great uncle plays BEEF in this movie! Loren Tindall

Guilherme N (gb) wrote: Experience continues

Kareem A (br) wrote: When people discuss art being a reflection of reality, whether it be reflecting it's truth or the discussion of it, they are talking about On The Waterfront.10/10

Rodney E (es) wrote: I dont think that I have seen all of this but it doesn't matter as it sucks badly.

Andruw F (ca) wrote: The ending partially redeemed it to be a 1.5/10, but this movie still is terrible. I loved The River, it's in my top 25 shows of all time, and I want to own it! This was poorly acted, directed, and written. The cinematography as well as camera is terrible. The production value was atrocious, but I understand with a $15,000 budget. I guess because I don't find the premise, or how they're executing it, scary, could be the reason I don't like this, but I was extremely open minded, especially with an 83%!

Tehe T (fr) wrote: Oh god heavenly lord save the people associated with this movie. You first have a wrestler that can't even act. Let alone a whole cast that includes Russell Crowe who can't act for shit in the movie. The action was like watching Crouching tiger hidden dragon gone wrong. Just a terrible excuse for a movie. It seemed that they were making fun of movies they were trying to imitate. If so then I give this movie props. It was great in that aspect. 2/10

Michael T (ag) wrote: Leisurely-paced, with a fine performance from Holbrook.