One of the last great German Expressionist films of the silent era, Joe May’s Asphalt is a love story set in the traffic-strewn Berlin of the late 1920s. Starring the delectable Betty Amann in her most famous leading role, Asphalt is a luxuriously produced Ufa classic where tragic liaisons and fatal encounters are shaped alongside the constant roar of traffic.

Joe May's sensual drama of life in the Berlin underworld is in many ways the perfect summation of German filmmaking in the silent era: a dazzling visual style, a psychological approach to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Asphalt torrent reviews

Aman A (kr) wrote: I liked the movie in its concept. I also liked the acting in general and I learnt a bit watching this movie but I think this movie could have been done much better. The direction wasn't crisp and the blocking/movement of character could have been explored more. It was slightly more commercial than I would have liked. Dialogues needed another draft. But, it is definitely a watch if you have nothing better.

Evan M (ca) wrote: Heartbreakingly awesome. A must see for musicians with chips on their shoulders

Chris S (kr) wrote: May be worth seeing for the visuals, which are breathtaking.

Aditya M (ca) wrote: This film was shot in a day. In one single take. One single, 90-minute long take. The vision, commitment and coordination it must have taken to make 'Russian Ark' is simply extraordinary. This is a hypnotic masterpiece, a dream of a film. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5, and I am only deducting the last half star because of my own deficient knowledge of Russian history.

Lauren B (gb) wrote: Cute and heartwarming movie.

Dan D (mx) wrote: The tagline says it all.

Terrence W (ru) wrote: Pretty much for me, if there's a guy named Dolph and his last name is Lundgren, chances are I will avoid the movie like the Bubonic Plague.

Adam H (mx) wrote: Ok, so I admit, I grew up watching these types of films, despite it being in the 90's and early 2000's. But this is a great film that follows the tradition established by Disney: Make no film that has any of the following absent - comedy, good story, and a great cast. I still love this film despite having grown up.