On January 23, 1961, a group of Portuguese and Spanish opposition movement members seized control of the Santa Maria, a Portuguese luxury cruise liner, an operation devised by Henrique Galvão to expose the Government of Portugal as a dictatorship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Assalto ao Santa Maria torrent reviews

Ryan S (us) wrote: 3.5/5. Although the shorts are uneven in quality, only one of them is outright bad. The rest range from interesting to really great and terrifying. 100% worth a watch.

mark m (nl) wrote: channing tantun once a step up dancer now a fighter that lets me know he's a lover and a fighter

Jenn T (br) wrote: I really liked this flick, funny dynamic between Jamie and Charlie.

brodie o (it) wrote: loved this movie remindes me off hostel and saw friends get lost after 21st birthday party then kidnaped an then killed

Sinoun T (ca) wrote: Really surprising movie...

Liam U (ru) wrote: Well, this is a mishmash of ideas thrown together and then seeing if it stands or falls as a film.It falls. The performances aren't bad, but there's too many ideas buzzing around and not enough time spent developing them so the story becomes something of an incoherent mess - at times veering into complete nonsense. The sheer arrogance of the message this film is trying to convey is annoying enough, but the ending manages to be the icing on the cake for a film unworthy of anyones time.On second viewing, it's still a load of old nonsense.

Zach S (gb) wrote: Saw this a long time ago but I'd have to see it again before I rate it.

Greg W (es) wrote: ok made 4 TV stuffing

Lee B (au) wrote: Well, the director of "Singin' in the Rain" takes on this bizzare tale of a psychotic frankenstein robot with a hard on for a young, vivacious Farrah Fawcett. Kirk Douglas IS the man in this film as not only is he donging Farrah, but he also beats Harvel Keitel's ass buck naked. The special effects are decent based on the early 80s standards of giant models and there are some striking "2001-esque" shots, but the film gets lost in excessive violence and obvious attempts to get Fawcett into as many revealing outfits as possible. It really is a shame because there is some interesting and creepy lore involved with 'Saturn 3" and unfortunately timed with the fact it's near some 30 years old, it's quite dated and probably not worth a remake or the time to watch as I kept looking at mine.

Jonny P (nl) wrote: "The Reluctant Dragon" is a really cool behind the scenes look into the production of animated features at Walt Disney Studios. It lost money at the box office (likely a result of a Disney animators' strike and the disappointment that it was not an animated feature), but it is still an important film because it preserves the hustle and bustle of the studio during the Golden Age of Hollywood. The studio's various movie-making operations are tied together by a fictional story of comedian Robert Benchley trying to pitch a film to Walt. On his journey, he encounters everything from the artists and storyboard designers to the sound effects crew and the voice of Donald Duck. It's amazing to see Clarence Nash in action, and even more baffling to watch as Florence Gill produces the sounds of Clara Cluck. I particularly like the demonstration of the multiplane camera that creates the lifelike depth in Disney films and the sonovox that was used to create the voice of Casey Jr. in "Dumbo." This documentary-like feature keeps us engaged through a few animated shorts that are incorporated into the story as we learn about the production process. The shorts include "Baby Weems," Goofy's "How to Ride A Horse," and "The Reluctant Dragon." I love the story of this flute-playing, picnic-sharing, poetry-reciting dragon. He is the antithesis of dragon stereotypes and it creates great comedic moments. The primary purpose of the film is to create an understanding and appreciation for the animation process, but it's nice that we get to see the fruits of the studio's labors through this fun short at the end. "The Reluctant Dragon" isn't really a movie for kids but it's a thrilling behind-the-scenes experience for movie nerds.

Luke S (nl) wrote: On first viewing the movie felt very much to me like nothing more than a cheesy popcorn action flick. I saw it all as just a lighthearted romp through Chinatown with extremely enjoyable yet bemusing magical Chinese mumbo jumbo, the most average of Joes in the protagonist, patriotic trucker Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) doing the whole save-the-world, beat-the-bad-guy, and get-the-girl shtick, leading an ensemble of fun stock characters against a campy as hell villain, Lo Pen (James Hong). It wasn't until later that it dawned on me how that mix of both simplicity and creativity made this movie so brilliant. Jack being such an average Joe lampoons the tough-as-nails white American badass with a minority sidekick being the special someone to take on all the minions in combat and thwart the villain's evil plans. As Carpenter himself has stated, Burton is the sidekick to the ass-kicking, good-natured Wang Chi (Dennis Dun), who is the skilled fighter, largely familiar with the Chinese lore, and whom the stakes are higher for seeing as how the love of his life, Miao Yin (Suzee Pai) is whom he is fighting to be reunited with. Burton, in contrast, is a bumbling trucker who can barely throw a punch, is as utterly confused as the audience throughout the course of the film, and has very little chemistry or connection to his green-eyed lady of the film, Gracie Law (Kim Cattrall). Why the movie bombed with both critics and audiences I cannot say for sure. While I am certain opening the same week as James Cameron's Aliens didn't help, reading the critical reviews at the time gives me the impression that like me, people did not know they were getting something new and clever in Big Trouble in Little China, oblivious to all the clever spins on certain tropes in contemporary action movies and instead looking at the movie as a silly generic fantasy action movie. Since then it seems people appreciate those clever storytelling devices more, and combined with the film's unique production design, innovative albeit random practical and visual effects, entertaining fight choreography, and corny yet likeable characters make not only a fun-as-hell action movie with some clever plays on conventional action cliches, but also a largely influential action film that inspired the likes of the characters of Shang Tsung and Raiden from Mortal Kombat, but I would not be surprised if say George Miller took the influence of the "main character being a sidekick in his own movie" spin in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Diane S (ag) wrote: Stunning! A visual and visceral masterpiece! Will have you literally on the edge of your seat! India is a star in this movie as well. She dazzles us with her diversity and beauty. Bollywood does not disappoint.

Blake B (it) wrote: As shoddy and disjointed as it may be, Southbound is still a fun, tense, horrific diversion that strays from horror anthology normality in a very refreshing way. Definitely a unique, captivating tale of woe, regret, and despair that is an undoubtedly good time for any horror fan.