Assassins Run

Assassins Run

Maya becomes the target of the Russian mafia after her husband, a successful American businessman, is killed.

Maya, a beautiful Russian ballerina, is chased by the Russian mafia after they kill her husband, a successful American businessman, and financial documents worth hundreds of millions of dollars disappear. Maya is framed by corrupt cops and imprisoned, and then when she is due to be released, her daughter is kidnapped, and she must fight to save her life. However, those who seem to be her friends may really be her enemies... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (au) wrote: A gripping account of bureaucracy gone mad, if a little one sided

Hitesh H (it) wrote: Story from the nineties shown in 2013. Anyway the second half was good. Extra points for Jeene Laga Hoon and Shruti Hassan and some well executed emotional moments.

Alexander P (ru) wrote: A movie that fan girls will hate but boys will like. Has a few funny scenes and a bit of bad humour so I find it is watchable for guys but girls will just look at the case and burn it.

Troy K (br) wrote: Good movie (directors cut), but the ending was disappointing.

Henk E (gb) wrote: A very one-sided, angry documentary about the musical movement during a very sad time in South African history. It features the country's very best musical legends and some pretty amazing songs. Miriam Mekeba still remains my favourite South African historical figure and I am very sad that she is no longer with us. The documentary does however linger a bit long on the horror and turmoul of the era and I couldn't help wanting to know more about the music and musicians themselves. Very intersting to watch and the end is very uplifting... but won't watch this one often.

Lequan W (de) wrote: This is a classic....

Gabriel C (br) wrote: With a solid plot, skillful cinematography, a great soundtrack, three dimensional characters and the committed efforts of a talented cast, Boogie Nights is a 90s masterpiece.

Kevin L (jp) wrote: Bears an okay father-son story, but a lot darker than its predecessors

Patrisha S (br) wrote: one of my top ten - i love it and find it inspiring

alan j (us) wrote: Half baked effort by Cushing and Judd lead to disappointing results..weak story about turtle-shell creatures with elephant noses that move about sucking the bones out of island residents. This movie lacks any suspense and chills...and has a predicatable ending...a disappointment!

Chris V (ag) wrote: Not what i was expecting it to be, and a bit lackluster after seeing the trailers.

Jettero F (ag) wrote: Laborious and boring. Other than that, no bad.

Peter W (br) wrote: I don't quite understand critics who don't get this movie. I read the negative reviews below and assume these critics loved the execrable "Forrest Gump" think Sally Fields and Tom Hanks represent the acme of their craft, and would run away from a small-hours East Village drag review. 'Pretentious melodrama' is the starting point for Southern Gothic: I thought Variety would know better. Brando and Taylor are in top-form, and Harris and Keith are pros doing what they do best (and to think that this was contemporaneous with 'Uncle Bill'). All things considered an extremely entertaining night at the movies.