Assault Girls

Assault Girls

Three women and one man - with an assortment of weaponry - wage war against giant mutant sandwhales in a barren digital landscape, all to achieve points within the virtual reality video game called Avalon.

In the aftermath of a global thermonuclear war three battle tested women wage war in a virtual video game against giant mutant sand whales. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg F (kr) wrote: Only the swedish can do that, i **really** loved it. So intimist, the emptyness of the ambience serves it right

Scott M (es) wrote: I too, have an Ass Sword!

Remi Z (ca) wrote: Tres sympathique film d'action, sorte de manga vivant.Personnages hauts en couleur et humour omnipresent. Un divertissement de tres bonne qualite !!

mymarch (jp) wrote: How did I ever miss this movie?! Must watch especially if you are a women. :) it's just a good movie.

Matthew F (gb) wrote: 2001 Space Odyssey meets Eraserhead meets The Flaming Lips. Vibrant scenes and there definitely was a plot! I thought it was a really enjoyable movie and I was entertained throughout.

Mickey M (de) wrote: "Meg" (Mira Sorvino), a medical student, returns to Staten Island, New York, to help take care of her elderly grandmother (Isa Thomas), who is under the care of "Mrs. Saladino" (Tina Bruno), herself an older woman. As soon as she settles in and begins to help take care of her grandmother, "Mrs. Saladino" sends her to her close realitive who runs and Italian restaurant with an opening for a job as a waitress. "Meg" goes for the interview with the manager, "Gio" (Joseph Siravo), who hires her and puts her under the wing of "Rachel" (singer Mariah Carey), the tough-talking head waitress. The two become friendly with another waitress named "Kate" (Melora Walters), who is on the shy and reserve side. The three become fast friends, and watch each other's backs on and off duty. And they become even closer when "Rachel" and "Kate" learn that they share a birthday. The owner of the restaurant (Arthur J. Nascarella) often eats with his son "Frankie" (Christian Maelen). The owner begins to act fatherly towards "Meg" while the son is giving her the once-over. Then an incident in the back room of the restaurant requires "Meg's" medical skills. The incident proves that there is more going on than eating at the place. The first part of the movie has good character and story development, but lags many times. The musical score is also quite nice, but I did catch a couple of times when the music was a little louder than the dialog. The cast does a good job making you believe in their characters. And the one who is the central figure in the major plot twist happens where the character reveals her/his true identity will certainly surprise you. For a movie with the Mob as a central part of the plot, the movie is not too bloody. However, there are some fairly bloody scenes -- one of which might make you a little queezy. Nothing much can be said for the visuals. There is some gun play in the movie, but they don't require spectacular special effects. The movie is pretty good if you're spending the night at home, but I probably won't be adding it to my home video collection any time soon.

HungYa L (fr) wrote: It is a light hearted movie directed, produced and cast by the versatile Edward Norton. Love it not matter how many times watching it.

Naoya K (ru) wrote: An overlooked, nicely done Hong Kong cop offbeat drama. Recommended.

Adrienne B (au) wrote: Loved this movie about 2 different personalities brought together by one thing in common

Brody M (kr) wrote: Found it to be boring & NOT funny at all

Zoran S (mx) wrote: Enjoyable but it's not great, especially compared to the much better films Aldrich made at the time.

Stephen C (es) wrote: Great classic Eastwood movie!

Jeff Z (kr) wrote: A entertaining but completely unrealistic scifi film that's way more fi than sci. Marshall Thompson plays the sole survivior of the first Mars expedition who is immediately accused of murdering the other members of his expedition when being brought back to earth by the second Mars expedition. Instead they discover its the work of a Martian vampire--an alien that drains all the blood and fluids from a human's body. How this creature survived before humans showed up is not explained. The astronauts fight the monster on board ship using guns and grenades with no worries about blowing any holes in their ship. They smoke in the spaceship and don't seem to know there's no gravity in outer space. All this adds up to a pretty ridiculous film that's fun to watch if you're in just the right mood.

Mauricio V (fr) wrote: Perfect sports movie. Strong, intense and full of basic emotions. A really good movie.

Matt G (br) wrote: Great movie made by a war vet.

Dylan D (ca) wrote: Stuart Little banks on big special effects and broad, sweeping emotions to succeed. It's not the best movie in either category, but it's a heartwarming hard-worker that should please younger audiences and satisfy adults, despite its generalities and transparent plot. The acting is a little forced and unnaturally friendly but the humans effortlessly interact with the special effects. This is a harmless little motion picture that accomplishes all it sets out to achieve, which is primarily to showcase groundbreaking special effects and tug at the old heartstrings.