Assault on Death Mountain

Assault on Death Mountain

Pals Mike, Roy, Hunter and Derek, all ex-military, are now a bounty hunter team that also helps people in need. A woman whose rich ex kidnapped their kid hires them. Also, a chemical weapons expert who killed Mike's old team resurfaces.

Mike and his team of shadow warriors are working freelance on military operations. When Mike thinks he recognises a biochemical terrorist from his past they uncover a plot to attack Seattle... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Assault on Death Mountain torrent reviews

Michael G (ru) wrote: Its a messed up, bizarre and weird Japanese comedy involving S&M. Watching this movie you'll saying to yourself WTF every few minutes.

Heather M (ca) wrote: This is a fantastic action movie. Don't watch it for the plot; watch it for the amazing fights!

J D (de) wrote: these should be animated

Zoe L (kr) wrote: My first time to watch a Georgian movie (or to be exposed to any Georgian art form)... full of culture shock!!!!!! First, the approach of representation is kind of fragmented and 'postmodern' (consider it's a 1988 movie) to me... As for the plot, I left the theater with a lot of question marks in my head... However, it's interesting to look at the Georgian landscape and have a glimpse of the typical Georgian faces (and I'm most impressed by their 'unibrow' haha).

Bryan E (ag) wrote: Completely Unnecessary

Tom L (us) wrote: Havent seen this one in a while but IFC was showing it uncut the other night. A no frills actioner with Walken as a mercenary planning a mission to overthrow an African dictator. The script could have been better, Tom Berenger's part could have been bigger, but Walken does a good job. Jobeth Williams has a five minute cameo as a former girlfriend. I think a lot of this movie wound up on the cutting room floor.

Adam Z (gb) wrote: A charming little take about a group of linemen and their new recruit. Fonda is great as usual but the experience as a whole isn't one that stays with you very long, ultimately watchable but equally forgettable.

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch