Don Bosco is a soft-spoken and religious young man who is studying in a seminary. He takes upon himself the task of bringing to heel the Pathaam Kalam gang, who killed his father years ago. Don meets head on with the Cochin underworld kings, and rechristens himself as Don Daveed. Henceforth his operations start bearing the brand of the D Company.

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Asuravithu torrent reviews

Michael L (us) wrote: Katalin Varga is a remarkable revenge road movie set in Romania which follows the fall out following the discovery that Katalin's son (11) is the product of a rape. The soundtrack alone is worth the entrance fee to a cinema, with a sinister nature intruding into the theater space with malevolent crickets backed by a Bon Iver style soundscape both eerie and evocative of space. The lead Andrea Gavriliu is intense, complex and compelling, her son, just superb. The ending will leave you frustrated and angry that out of the single horrible event, the consequences for all characters vaguely related to the participants is that there is no such thing as closure. A work of art, beautifully shot, brilliant.

Derrick M (ag) wrote: Take a pile of psychological thrillers, fling them in a bag. Pull out a random selection. Stick them together. Shazam - a movie!

James H (au) wrote: 3.5/10. What an awful movie. The plot is absolutely ridiculous, the acting is boring, the story is boring and the direction was just not there. I wonder if there actually was a director. It's just stupid and a waste of time.

Lucy R (es) wrote: interesting cause it was shot like 6months after the seige ended,, didnt like the main character tho...bit of a dick. a pretty strange sort of movie,, seemed low budget yet had some big names in there....

Millo T (ca) wrote: Although it seems to me much of the message of this movie has become out-dated, it was probably a shock in its time, and something to cheer to because of the values it defends.

David J (mx) wrote: "Finding Neverland" isn't completely accurate, but it's a heartfelt tale about the importance of using your imagination.

Guy S (it) wrote: Interesting and well acted.

Rob M (ag) wrote: Nice try but no. Watch it on Netflix but it's nothing special. Watch and forget.