A young psychiatrist applies for a job at a mental asylum, and must pass a test by interviewing four patients. He must figure out which of the patients, is in fact, the doctor that he would be replacing if hired.

A young psychiatrist interviews four inmates in a mental asylum to satisfy a requirement for employment. He hears stories about 1) the revenge of a murdered wife, 2) a tailor who makes a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marina R (es) wrote: I have seen a plethora of docs on the Graffiti culture including Doug Prey's documentary which is most notable - this film is stellar in comparison to the others.The footage alone is amazing and edited incredibly well. Unlike other films on the subject, collecting stores and capturing the historical relevance, Bomb It is both educational and refreshing. There is a certain angst and military type approach by those searching for the open canvas that is both revealing and poignantly expressed in this film. The moving museum - train art; bombing in Europe; the taggers, sticker makers and stenciling in Paris. This is an international culture told by the original bombers and artists. You will never walk past a tag or a mural or a bombed wall and look at it the same after seeing this film.

James M (gb) wrote: Probably one of the worst movies ever

Steve S (de) wrote: Sister Act was alright. I enjoyed all the actors' performances. Maggie Smith is perfect casting of Mother Superior.

Blood R (us) wrote: This is good if you like Cheech and Chong

Mike P (au) wrote: Most don't like this movie, but I love the humor in this one

Scott J (br) wrote: A case of the soundtrack being far superior than the film! It was more enjoyable now than it was in the mid '90s & the music still puts most modern music utterly to shame. A very likeable film even though it has little-to-no plot. It's a sad reflection on modern consumerism that not many under people under the age of 21 will have ever been into a proper record store & its sadder still that iTunes & digital buying have even (mostly) killed off the big corporate record stores (the "villain" of this film)....

Milly B (ca) wrote: Toni Colette and Cameron Diaz are a surprisingly good duo.

Kate M (jp) wrote: An entertaining sci-fi flick with straight-forward invasion plot. The scenes involving Frank the Pug were hilarious.

Jason S (de) wrote: wasn't the greatest movie

Daniel D (ca) wrote: Somewhat entertaining.

August C (mx) wrote: As ridiculous as the premise of this film is, The Shallows delivers a solid popcorn munching, shark fearing good time.