Asylum Blackout

Asylum Blackout

A group of cooks at an asylum for the criminally insane get locked in with the inmates during a massive thunderstorm

A group of cooks at an asylum for the criminally insane get locked in with the inmates during a massive thunderstorm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin F (de) wrote: My friend had a copy of this he downloaded it and we watched it last night with a bunch of people. Overall consensus amongst our group? We all really liked it. The acting was solid for an indie, the movie was well shot, great music and LOTS of zombie deaths. Actually, we got into a conversation about it and (drunkenly) re-watched the movie adding up the number of zombies killed. It was something like 85. That's a lot. But at the same time, they go deep into the story, and it is more like a drama here and there. That's why I liked it. It was a bit different then other zombie films. No big named actors, but whatever. It's a zombie movie.

Jiana W (jp) wrote: Vigilante film, not necessarily a "superhero" flick. Boy Wonder is a mixture of Kick-Ass, The Brave One, and Batman Begins. Unlike Kick-Ass though it is pretty much completely devoid of any humor, black or light-hearted. This movie is dark and takes itself quite seriously. I liked the kid they chose to play Sean. He's got a very innocent, nerdy, harmless appearance about him. You wouldn't expect anything intense or bad-a$$ to come out of him which makes him an intriguing character to watch.

Zix G (ca) wrote: The worst film I have ever seen by a clear country mile, eye gaugingly dull story line, terrible acting and.. its just really bad ok!

Louise S (ru) wrote: I loved this movie! Only lost a star because of the slightly over the top ending- but so sweet and very funny at times. A great Australian drama.

Farah G (jp) wrote: the movie moves you into an enjoyable, tasteful, colorful, funny and bitter ambiance.

solidity q (it) wrote: Gripping sexual excitement pierced intermittently by boring courtroom drama.

James H (nl) wrote: 5.5/10. Inspite of a great cast, the television origins of this film are clearly evident and it would have benefitted by an increase of activity in the editing room. Predictable, trite and not particularly suspenseful. This wannabe Agatha Christie just lacks the style needed to make it work.

Adam R (de) wrote: The big joke is on the viewer in this one. At the end amidst the confusion one of the characters asks if there really was a murder. The response he gets is spot-on, "Yes, killed good weekend." Don't be the next victim! (First and only viewing - 12/6/2013)

Christopher H (us) wrote: A very smartly executed B-movie that fuses space opera with Universal-style horror atmosphere. Director Mario Bava injects a gloomy and foggy atmosphere that would come to influence "Alien" years later. There is a scene that involves people digging themselves out of their graves that is made terrifying by the chilling music score and gritty cinematography. The marvelous cinematography makes even the most basic sets look magnificent and more lavish than what they really are. The spaceship sets are a bit cheesy and some of the characters are given only bare-minimum development outside of their archetypes, but the film is so much fun to watch that these problems only become minor. Although it does perplex me why this was given the title "Planet of the Vampires" in America considering that there are no vampires in the movie.

Sam B (fr) wrote: As good and fulfilling as a gore film from Friedman and Lewis can be. Fun, gross and over the top all throughout as a bunch of Southerners torture and mutilate unsuspecting Northerners trapped in their town.

Hayden L (br) wrote: A great animated feature with some fantastic visuals.

gurnles g (es) wrote: Anthony Perkins was great in this. The characters are seriously underdeveloped, it's basically like an hour and a half of a premise being pitched. The female character has no motivations at all, she's just a crazy wild child that everyone was so afraid of back then.

Harper S (nl) wrote: This movie is a disgrace, especially from the director of Robert Bolt's "The Mission." The dialogue in this script is so cringingly bad, it's not even funny. The 11% rating from the critics is much too high.