A young couple who are amateur roller-skating buffs practice their chosen avocation at a Parisian roller rink. Their hopes rise with a chance to go to Chicago to compete, especially when a magazine reporter assures them that his company will back them -- but then lets them know some sex-related business is a part of the package. Caught up in the couple's drama are several other characters who look like they might need some help themselves, making the problem of how to get to the Windy City seem more and more insoluble.

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Luke B (fr) wrote: Highly enjoyable entertainment right here. The best thing about it is the snake itself. 100% (I think), practical effects. A huge puppet that isn't slow or mechanical. The cast are obviously from the low end of the market, but they give the film more than a giant killer snake film deserves. I really liked the kills, as unoriginal as they were they progressed in a way that didn't always glorify the act. It even manages to cram in a very dramatic scene between Pat Morita and a huge cobra and Erik Estrada being as camp as Christmas. That's impressive film making.

Gef R (au) wrote: This is how movies should be

Wong H (gb) wrote: A AAA actor in a B movie with famously duplicated script is still a B movie, but, because of the flaws, i give you a two-thumbs-up!

Oscar G (jp) wrote: Un drama profundo que cuestiona a la juventud desde varios frentes, y en consecuencia a la sociedad entera.

Holly H (it) wrote: Only one of the greatest concerts (on dvd) I have ever seen!!

spider r (es) wrote: This film is a waste. I was forced to watch this and to be honest it was the worst film I have ever watched. All this bullshit for its imagery it just a film about a murderer who finds some pedo girl and his dad hates him. Would NOT recommend to any one under the age of 40

Jennifer B (au) wrote: Pretty good, decent acting. Emily Boresow was great!

Greg W (de) wrote: this is the '90's version of this often told tale set in Sherwood forest