At Dawn We Die

At Dawn We Die

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At Dawn We Die torrent reviews

Jacqualin D (it) wrote: So much cheese! I couldn't stop laughing. Lol. Super inappropriate, make sure you watch it with your boyfriends parents.

Alexandra B (es) wrote: Although the trailer for Bad Johnson worried me at first glance, I can definitely say that I seriously enjoyed this witty and wonderful film. I found myself laughing at almost everything Cam Gigadent's character said and enjoying myself more then I could have ever imagined from just watching the trailer. If you're looking for a very funny and silly film with a surprisingly wonderful, heartwarming story, then I definitely think Bad Johnson is the perfect choice.

Craig T (br) wrote: Insultingly derivative, pointless trash. Amateur porn has more merits.

Saiiara S (mx) wrote: the ending part was the ONLY best scene in this movie.


Robert I (fr) wrote: Again, no idea how this film got a made. An A-hole has a quarter-life crisis when his ex is about to get married and he tries to talk her out of it. Nothing happens for an hour and a half. Nothing is learned... But some pretty looking actors and Tom Lenk. I think this film is a 'casting call' film; a movie you just watch to pick which actors you'd want to work with. The film itself has no substance however. And for some reason Ron Jeremy makes a cameo in the opening and sadly doesn't stay the rest of the film.

Dianne W (ag) wrote: The audio and animation were very amateur and the story line has much to be desired. I felt as though it was slightly racial.

Zach M (nl) wrote: It was wathchable entertainment. The story has it's moments of decency but too many plot holes.It was funny to see Paul Walker and Gerard Butler, much younger and enjoying themselves.

Corey n (es) wrote: This is a funny comedy. George Burns is a classic comedian and is great in this. A good 80's comedy. Some good laughs and a decent story. Basically about a old man who gets his wish to be 18 again. Worth a watch.

Sarah F (ag) wrote: i would like to see this

MF J (ca) wrote: Awesome thriller, well written, well directed & acted by the most awesome screen couple in recent years, Sean Connery & Catherine Zeta Jones. Thumbs up!

Marta B (kr) wrote: Alfred Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' is the final product of excellent writing, captivating visual effects, and a story so uniquely unpredictable it will impress the viewer greatly. 5/5