At First Sight

At First Sight

A blind man has an operation to regain his sight at the urging of his girlfriend and must deal with the changes to his life.

In the midst of a desperately needed vacation, cynical Manhattanite Amy Benic (Mira Sorvino) falls for blind massage therapist Virgil Adamson (Val Kilmer). After havingĀ an operation to regain his sight at the urging of Amy, Virgil now must deal with the changes to his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Prefer L (us) wrote: "Can you hear me? Can you hear me? ..."

holly r (ca) wrote: I wouldn't say this is the best movie out there. It does have some elements going for it. It gives you something different. It had a better beginning than ending. I would have like to see it end differently. It had some fun moments in it and could be boring at other times.

Terri H (ag) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Stefano L (it) wrote: I appreciate the effort, but Arturo Bandini is not Colin Farrell in this faithful but too conventional adaptation. Or, maybe, I just love too much the novel to watch it on the screen.

Anthony B (it) wrote: Brilliant martial arts film. if you haven't seen it get it or i can lend it.

Timothy S (ca) wrote: Killer animal movies have been a staple of the horror genre almost since the genre began, but "Of Unknown Origin" offers up its own unique twist on that theme with star Peter Weller going mano a mano with a giant killer rat. In that respect, it's almost the "Die Hard" of killer rate movies with some better-than-average writing for a movie of this nature.Weller is the glue that holds it all together, giving yet another one of his trademark quirky performances. His slow descent into madness is a lot of fun to watch as the battle intensifies, but the built-up is admittedly sluggish and filled with a lot of unnecessary plot developments. George P. Cosmatos is something of a hack director and you can't help but think a more skilled filmmaker could have made this something even better. Still, the special effects are quite good, and credit must be given to the film for generating a lot of genuine suspense without much blood or gore. The rat is quite convincing and definitely revolting when it needs to be.Also a lot of fun is the final showdown as Weller systematically destroys the home he so lovingly created as his descent comes full circle, but you certainly feel like things are wrapped up too abruptly. Despite a few minor complaints, "Of Unknown Origin" is a clever cat and mouse thriller in the truest sense of the words, a smart horror film that doesn't quite fit into the genre, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It has its own distinctive style, with a flair all its own but at the same time lacking a real punch to take it to the top.

Ray C (br) wrote: 4th time... not the charm!

Mike B (gb) wrote: Stylish, but incomprehensible.

Kyle E (ru) wrote: Jim Carey is good in this film.

Tyler S (us) wrote: I was supremely surprised at the level of both acting and smart (yet still somewhat slapstick) comedy by all parties. Hoffman was strong and intimidating yet lovable by the end; Roberts made you forget it was Roberts (thank God); Hanks was a strong anchor (despite even myself becoming a bit tired by his movies as of late). And somehow, beneath it all, there's still a strong, pertinent message to he had that is delivered on-point. Well done.