At Home by Myself... with You

At Home by Myself... with You

A multi phobia-plagued single woman who hasn't left her apartment in six years finds her carefully organized existence disrupted by her hot new 'on-the-go' neighbor.

A multi phobia-plagued single woman who hasn't left her apartment in six years finds her carefully organized existence disrupted by her hot new 'on-the-go' neighbor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Said C (nl) wrote: meh. just not that good of a movie. the characters were so shallow. story was really bad too.

Serge L (fr) wrote: The story based on an exceptional story, is nicely put in cinema. It has the feel of a cliff notes though by keeping the pace a bit too rapid and superficial. This is an epic adventure of humanity. I must underline that both the whites and the blacks had one trump card to avert disaster and they both kept it alive by luck and by will. This card was Mandela, of course. We get to understand the silliness and insanity of racism. And I mean white/black, white/white, or black/black racisms. This may extend to nationalism, religiousisms, or other isms that separate groups.

Joo G (ag) wrote: filme lixo, proxima vez, tomara q esses autores faam um filme bem melhor e com um roteiro mais elaborado, fim do filme, foi pssimo, completamente desnecessrio...

Arsalan S (de) wrote: The movie was idiotic. it had no story line. it was a simple porno. there is no way you can call this a movie. Let me begin with it;s faults : its only made for either 13 year old boys who have never seen the female body, or 100 year old men who have nothing else to do with their lives. this can be easily proven by the cover. this movie should be burned as soon as you see a copy. it's too bad i don't know how to rate this as a 0%. all in all if you were to piss inside a bag and than cut out a disgusting picture of a woman, put them together you would get this movie as a result.

Tex S (mx) wrote: Not rotten. Too many critics compared it to the Damon films. PTxS

Greg W (it) wrote: just ok period pic /sports pic

Stormy (kr) wrote: insanely HOT, great B movie, too bad the studio went belly up, HOT

Teri P (es) wrote: Bitter sweet slice of life that with lesser actors wouldn't be worth seeing but because of the talent, it is.

Corrado G (gb) wrote: This is a perfect example of what a B movie really is... At least by 1994 standards. Brad Dourif (the voice of Chucky) plays this hilarious mad scientist type, that creates this "death machine" Somewhere in the plot people are in the wrong place at the right time. Nothing else matters... Low budget affair with humble special effects. Add cheesy characters and it's pure entertainment. Not at all a great film, but lots of fun! Trust me, watch it with friends.

Brett W (jp) wrote: Brilliant. Such a great cast and story.

Gavrilov E (ag) wrote: A magic film! Deep cultural insight of Julio Medem!

Moriah F (mx) wrote: Not terrible. Reminds me of Goonies. Very adventurous and exciting and fun.

Ton Q (kr) wrote: Although this movie may not be the best, it's strongest and key point is being historically accurate, which more than makes up for anything it may be lacking.

Facebook U (de) wrote: If wound back a little this could have been a great family film. A great and at times a very touching story line, it was let down by the unnecessary strong language and scenes of strong adult content. It could have so easily been a 12a or 15 but its not the kind of movie you would expect to be an 18. However, I enjoyed it. A good old fashioned fun movie just maybe not for all the family.