At Long Last Love

At Long Last Love

Four socialites unexpectedly clash: heiress Brooke Carter runs into gambler Johnny Spanish at the race track while playboy Michael O. Pritchard nearly runs into stage star Kitty O'Kelly with his car. Backstage at Kitty's show, it turns out she and Brooke are old friends who attended public school together. The foursome do the town, accompanied by Brooke's companion Elizabeth, who throws herself at Michael's butler and chauffeur Rodney James.

Four socialites unexpectedly clash: Brooke Carter, an indigent woman, runs into an Italian gambler Johnny Spanish at the race track while millionaire playboy Michael O. Pritchard nearly runs into a star singer Kitty O';Kelly with his car. Backstage at Kitty';s show, it turns out she and Brooke are old friends who attended public school together. Later on, Michael and Brooke fall in love, and Kitty and Johnny decide to follow them around. In order to make Brooke and Michael jealous, they try to look like they are falling in love as well. Eventually, Michael and Johnny get into a fight but then immediately make up. Soon, Brooke and Kitty make up. The two couples pair off successfully and they live happily ever after. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul B (us) wrote: Well, it is Scooby-Doo!

Ian D (br) wrote: A real tear jerker about a man coming to the end of his life and a boy just starting his. William Holden puts in a gritty performance while young Ricky Schroder tugs at the strings of even the hardest hearts.

Katy R (us) wrote: better than the first.

Ricky T (it) wrote: I just didn't care who killed Mona, I just wanted the film to end.

Ariel R (ca) wrote: A sad movie but quite excellent.

Luigi V (it) wrote: Una curiosa, ma efficace, commistione tra neorealismo e cinema scorsesiano per raccontare una vita di stenti: la capitale del Vietnam, ma potrebbe essere una qualunque metropoli del terzo mondo.Potente

Tatsuhito K (us) wrote: I like good Robert Rodriguez films, but Desperado is not one of them. Banderas makes a fine character, but everything else that surrounds him feels so tasteless. The story is dull, the action lacks energy and gets repetitive,and there is hardly any character development. I admire the style and Rodriguez's frenzy editing style, but other than that it is an incredibly forgettable piece by a very talented director. Desperado is a disappointment.

Jack G (us) wrote: The inspiration for Tokyo Story, and if you asked me to choose I might take this one

Johnny M (nl) wrote: I am an avid fan of the actors in this version of Stokers novel but I am afraid there were just too many liberties taken with the original for me to really enjoy it. Marc Warren can do creepy really well, Sophie Miles is a fine actress and David Suchet is excellent but not in this I'm afraid. The BBC did an excellent dramatisation in 1977 with Louis Jordan as the Count, but here they failed and by a long way. If you are not as precious about the original novel as I am then there may be much to enjoy here(the BBC do Victorian like no one else) but don't expect much Stoker. I give it 40% bcause I like the above named actors so much.

Ben J (fr) wrote: It was a decent movie, but marred by a rushed and confusing first half.

Sara B (gb) wrote: I thought the book was better, of course, but the movie was still good. I need to stop watching movies that make me cry at work!