At The Devil's Door

At The Devil's Door

When ambitious young real estate agent Leigh is asked to sell a house with a checkered past, she crosses paths with a disturbed girl whom she learns is the runaway daughter of the couple selling the property. When Leigh tries to intervene and help her, she becomes entangled with a supernatural force that soon pulls Leigh's artist sister Vera into its web - and has sinister plans for both of them.

sister Vera into its web - and has sinister plans for both of them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


At The Devil's Door torrent reviews

Carlos Z (au) wrote: Interesting movie, confusing at times

Mariano A (ru) wrote: no entendi nada....mmmm

Daniel A (jp) wrote: I saw the movie at Svalabards, Longyearbyen camping. Worth to see if you plan to go to to Spitsbergen. Its nice but the story isn't the best. :)

stephanie f (br) wrote: So Funnnnnnyyyyyyy!! A must see

Stephanie L (nl) wrote: EVERYONE WAS GREAT! ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE HAS NO TASTE! it was entertaining okay?

Tristan M (us) wrote: Another classic action movie staring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It has a good concept, is pretty simple, and full of over the top action, which is what we've come to expect from him. The fact that this takes place in modern times, and is about a arms deal of ray guns is mostly what brings down my rating. They don't belong in this movie, and substituting some other type of deadly weapon would have been a good change that wouldn't have much effect on the story. However the special effects for this gun are really well done, and and make quite a show of explosions. The acting is to be expected, as is the script, and has the predictable plot twists that have become standard for these films: traitors, double cross, and secret agents. Not a great movie, but mostly enjoyable, has a decent cast, and is full of ridiculous action moments.

Hunter D (ru) wrote: A good B movie scripted by John Carpenter in which a professional thief (Tommy Lee Jones) has to steal a prototype super-car from a gang of hi-tech carjackers. It's cool to see an old eighties movie with Carpenter's fingerprints all over it, even though he didn't direct it. Tommy Lee Jones is cool as a cucumber and Linda Hamilton sports an epic wig during her initial scenes. The car Jones' character is pursuing is goofy looking and dates the movie, but that only adds to its B-movie charm. Carpenter die-hards should take a look.

Thomas C (kr) wrote: When the italian master of thriller and horror works together with the italian master of movie scores, the result is an italian masterpiece of a thriller.

Steve W (fr) wrote: Sometimes sadistic, but ultimately a powerful social critique from Seijun Suzuki. Gone is the weird abstractness of his Yakuza gangster films, this time its just a straight up drama with a tinge of soft core exploitation. However,the exploitative parts are not without merit, and they are necessary to the theme of grasping for happiness in a cruel world. The acting is very well done this time around, for a sombre and tragic look at life on the streets in the postwar era.

Josh M (us) wrote: Absolutely Brilliant.