At the Max

At the Max

A filming of the 1990 Rolling Stones "Steel Wheels" concert that traveled Europe. This was filmed in the IMAX process, which allows the film to be projected in a size ten times the size of a regular 35mm projected image.

A filming of the 1990 Rolling Stones "Steel Wheels" concert that traveled Europe. This was filmed in the IMAX process, which allows the film to be projected in a size ten times the size of a regular 35mm projected image. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jes S (us) wrote: Absolutely loved this film. Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh are both surberb and utterly believable and are strongly supported by the rest of the cast. Ok so the plot has a few holes, but then which film doesn't? The sound track sets the mood but is never obtrusive. I would happily play the sound track on it's own as the the music and lyrics are well written and very easy to listen too.If you are into flashy fast paced action films then this is probably not the film for you, however if you like classic style gently moving stories that are acted rather than action led then you will enjoy this film

Sue H (jp) wrote: Sweet love story with some great unique visual metaphors but some of the visuals were just too much, like the food being alive, and didn't add anything to the story.

Chris D (jp) wrote: Brad McCullum [Michael Shannon] makes Norman Bates from Psycho look like Captain Kangaroo...cinema has never looked so disturbing thanks to this Werner Herzog submission into the genre of psychological thrillers.

I am n (de) wrote: Not a great story and the acting is very flat but one of the most beautiful lights photographys that I ever saw in a movie.

Emanuele M (it) wrote: Joy Division = 3.5 / 5.0

Nick B (mx) wrote: People say this movie is bad, but remember that it is for kids. Great story full of memorable characters that will find a spot in your heart and your memories.

Aleksandr G (ca) wrote: Triumph of humanity. Great movie!

Kent L (fr) wrote: Has nothing to do with Ninja Scroll though the characters are both named Jubei... later on Jubei Yagyu would be a character in a show about the lovely eye patch... this show is a mess since there is no sequel and it doesn't really end.

Alejandro S (mx) wrote: Aprovechando que volv a ver este filme en cable, que recuerdo haber visto en su momento. Es de esas producciones que es notorio el desacuerdo entre los crticos profesionales y el pblico, donde estos ltimos si les gust. No voy a decir que es el filme ms efectivo sobre el nazismo pero es un esfuerzo diferente que se enfoca en temas poco explotados en otras cintas, como lo es la cultura juvenil alemana en el momento que el Partido Nazi tom el poder y el surgimiento de las Juventudes Hitlerianas. Gran casting de Robert Sean Leonard y Christian Bale, apoyados por Kenneth Branagh. Creo que los puntos dbiles del filme es la ambientacin versus el tipo de pelcula utilizada para filmar las escenas que evidencian el uso de escenarios montados y no locaciones reales afectando el impacto de autenticidad ante la audiencia, y un final ambiguo un tanto inconcluyente. Pero es muy recomendable y no dudo que si la ven con criterio amplio, la disfrutaran.

Clintus M (mx) wrote: Will the river stay wild or be tamed? You can ask the same of the old woman who lives on the island about to be flooded or the other characters in this heartfelt melodrama. It features wonderful, yet restrained performances, particularly by Clift. The love story between Clift's character, the TVA representative and local girl Carol Garth (Lee Remick)is as important to the story as the TVA's struggle to evict the inhabitants of one island. Furthermore, the TVA and Clift struggle to drag the town into the 20th century, including some degree of racial integration. Although much younger than these characters, having grown up in a similar town in TN, I found them and their town believeable. Wild River was filmed on location on the Hiawassee river near Charleston,TN. Finally,the cinematography is excellent. Elia Kazan and his crew did a superb job all around. Highly recommended.

Shonna N (fr) wrote: Here's a legendary Ed Wood masterpiece. Due to financial failure, and unedited mistakes throughout the movie (his signature), this was a charmer. Note:contributions from a church, with the promise of a box office hit - was what got this movie finished. Unfortunately the movie was a flop. Maybe it was the massive Octopus (they stole from another set, to use for the action scene), that captured my attention. This mutated monster guarded the abandoned old haunted house that was being used for Dr. Vornoff's science lab (hidden behind a secret fire place). Lobo (Tor Johnson) played Lugosi's mutated giant assistant! So awesome. If you notice, Tor falls back in a fight, and almost tore down Ed Wood's incredibly cheap cardboard set. Amazing. The Dr, failed at tested his first human subject, and was on a mission to find another. Reporters compared some similarities to a previous case, to a Loch Ness Monster hidden in a lake nearby. There's a wonderfully cheesy snake creatures, alligator things,in a disgusting swamp... it's a must see.

Billy t (mx) wrote: Fuck the haters. This movie was my childhood, and I love it!

Nicki M (us) wrote: I was expecting this to be a fun 80's teen movie, so I got a bit of a shock by the turn it actually took. One of the most chilling and believable films I have seen about being a teenager. The silly girls in this really rang true to some of the girls I grew up with in the 80's and I was really impressed with Laura Dern. I wonder why it wasn't more well known, I had actually never heard of this until recently, and I love 80's films, particularly the teen variety. I don't remember anything about this from when I was growing up. Perhaps it was more popular over in the US. Well worth a look for anyone who likes this genre, who, like me, may have missed out on it first time around.