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Atatürk'ün fedaisi Topal Osman


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sam f (ru) wrote: ending was wayyyyyy too draggy.

Chandler W (nl) wrote: One of my absolute favorite movies

Ben O (gb) wrote: Better B movie than Evil Dead. Unbelievable cheesiness as doctors try to talk alien porn stars into having threesomes, and everything about it being so cliche, how could it NOT be satirical?

Richard L (fr) wrote: Outstanding, very moving film.

Wendy C (kr) wrote: Great character study on the desperation of humanity to survive a viral outbreak. The civilization was a little too light, but the acting was fantastic.

Mloy X (es) wrote: There aren't many films now-a-days which can successfully remain innocent and interesting while being devoid of the customary cinematic crutch like profanity, blood and gore or sexual content. This film had genuine heart and it was pleasant to watch, what a great example of a wholesome family film without the boring preachy parts. The characters were lovable and the story uniquely adorable, one can't help but fall in love with this film, and I did. I am starting to love actress Clarice van Houten, I've seen her in several films now and I just absolutely love her classic Holywood features, she is simply stunning and just so gorgeous.

Jacob B (gb) wrote: 'Thomas and the Magic Railroad' has it's share of flaws and time fillers, but it's an improvement compared to the unwatchable show itself and there is warmth to the magic this film brings.

Barbara F (au) wrote: Odd would be the best would to describe it, even the cast of characters is strange and quite mixed.. why some people actually decided to play in this movie is beyond me!

Lisa P (mx) wrote: Hated it hated it. Turned it off during the movie. The original movie was whimsical, this was too too dark.

Melvin W (gb) wrote: Omar: That's not a house, it's a whole 'hood!"An adventure so big... even the world's richest kid can't afford to miss it!"I had completely forgotten about this little lost 90's family film starring Macaulay Culkin. I recently found a copy in a pile of garage sale stuff and I remembered liking it as a little kid, so I thought I'd see how it played to an older me. Obviously, not as well. I was able to see why I had gotten enjoyment from Richie Rich as a kid, but if I had seen this for the first time at an age older than nine, I probably would have hated it.Richie Rich is the richest kid in the world. His dad is a multi-billionaire and he gets to take part in all the luxuries and responsibilities of the extreme upper class. Like all kids though, Richie craves companionship and while representing his father at a factory opening, he sees kids playing baseball and wants to join them. Behind the scenes, one of the Rich's higher up employees is conspiring a takeover with the hopes of getting all the Rich's out of the way.This movie has some annoying, generic themes/values that the audience is clubbed over the head with. Things such as: money doesn't by happiness, a kid needs friends, and money isn't everything. Also the rich, Rich's aren't that believable as characters. If more rich people were like the Rich's, the world would be one hell of a greater place.In the end, this is a decent film for the kids, but for adults, it's too generic and too dumbed down. I still look at it as a nice little piece of my childhood, but had I never seen it; I don't think I would have been missing too much. Richie Rich is definitely not a must see family film by any stretch of the imagination.

James O (fr) wrote: A pairing of George Romero and Dario Argento seems like a match made in Heaven. Add in the genius works of Edgar Allen poe, and you've got cinematic genius, right? Well, not quite, but it's still fun to watch. Unlike most people, I enjoyed Romero's segment, "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar". It features some Creepshow (another Romero film) alumnis like Adrienne Barbeau, E.G. Marshall, and Tom Atkins. I found it to be neatly atmospheric and creepy in the way that made the "Father's Day" segment in Creepshow creepy. Argento's segment, "The Black Cat", is probably better technically. It has tons of Poe references, like "The Pit and the Pendulum", "The Fall of the House of Usher", and more. Argento's fantastic camera techniques and visual flair are heavily evident here, and they boost "The Black Cat" to above standard. Even though the pairing of George Romero and Stephen King (in Creepshow) proved to be better than then this, Two Evil eyes is better than most people give it credit.

Matheus C (br) wrote: Filme baseado em um romance escrito por Grace Metalious que se tornou best seller por abordar temas como sexo na adolescncia, incesto, aborto e rebeldia juvenil - uma longa lista! O desafio aqui levar tudo isso para as telas em uma poca em que o cdigo de censura (the Hayes Code) ainda dominava Hollywood, algo que o filme consegue com moderado sucesso. Indicado para 9 Oscar (sem levar nenhum), A Caldeira do Diabo possui um parentesco prximo com os melodramas produzidos pelo diretor Douglas Sirk no mesmo perodo, mas sem a classe e a sofisticao dos filmes do mesmo. O roteiro no deixa esconder as origens pulp do livro, com muitas passagens parecendo terem sido extradas diretamente de romances populares vendidos para jovens adolescentes.A narrativa se assemelha Sombra de uma Dvida de Alfred Hitchcock e Veludo Azul de David Lynch, na medida que mostra a camada podre por trs de uma cidadezinha interiorana dos Estados Unidos. Lana Turner Constance MacKenzie, mulher viva com uma filha adolescente (a inexpressiva Diane Varsi) e um passado misterioso. Logo ela se v confrontada com a exploso sexual da jovem e tambm da trgica histria da amiga adolescente que abusada pelo padrasto. Muitos tapas, lgrimas, corridas escada acima e soluos em travesseiros se seguem nas duas horas e meia de filme. O maior predicado de A Caldeira do Diabo fazer com que a histria se mantenha interessante e no seja arrastada pela longa durao. Tambm se torna curioso ver assuntos to polmicos abordados no cinema dos anos cinqenta, ainda que a execuo deixe a desejar. J uso do formato de tela larga CinemaScope no ajuda muito, pois os cenrios tm aparncia barata e parecem terem sido feitos para um programa de televiso.

Alejandro E (kr) wrote: Touching drama of a broken family.Absorbing young Hoffman as a workaholic who has to take on double role of father/mother.Shall to see before you die

Steve S (ag) wrote: One of those movies you invest almost 2 hours in and regret afterward when the, "Usual Suspects," type payoff you are hoping for never materializes.

Dane A (ca) wrote: A Fantasy Masterpiece. Schwarzenegger Brings Robert E. Howard's Character To Life And Does It With Flare.