Atharintiki Daaredi

Atharintiki Daaredi

Raghunandan is a billionaire and a big business Magnet based in Milan of Italy. He however is unhappy and wishes to reconcile with his estranged daughter Sunanda whom he sent out of his home because she married a Pleader Rajasekhar against his wishes. His grandson Gautham Nanda promises Raghunandan that he would bring his Atha to their home on his Birthday. Sunanda has 2 Daughters Prameela and Sashi. Gautham enters the house as Siddhu, a driver who was appointed after saving Rajasekhar from a Heart stroke. Gautham woos Prameela but his game ends after he comes to know that Prameela is already in love. Sashi turns rival to Gautham and is suspicious of him and Paddu his friend and male nurse appointed to take care of Rajasekhar.

Raghunandan is a multi-millionaire lives in Milan with his grandson Gowtham Nandan. Nadiya is Raghunandans girl and as in numerous old motion pictures, he removes his girl for wedding against his wish and they both stay far from one another for a long time, while Raghunandan stays in Milan, his little girl stays in India. As age passes by, Raghunandan gets nostalgic about his girl and need to shed his conscience, to persuade his girl and bring her back, he sends Pawan Kalyan to India and rest of the story will be revealed when you watch the movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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