Atlas de geografía humana

Atlas de geografía humana


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Spanish
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Like the four seasons, the love history of four friends is recounted at 4 different times. One doesn't love her husband anymore, another is a single mother, the next one has an unfaithful husband and finally there is room for the shy spinster too. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin V (br) wrote: Not one of Toms' best movies.

Al M (mx) wrote: How do you fill up 90 minutes when you only have 40 minutes of footage? Fill it with intertitle scenes of demon groaning and lengthy scenes in which the camera slowly goes over handwritten notebooks. Supposedly footage of the girl that The Exorcist was based on, Anneliese is an example of how awful found-footage horror can be. Aside from its extended periods of wasted time, it also never looks or feels real at all. A real piece of garbage that doesn't even deserve the half star I gave it....

Static M (ru) wrote: The first one was the best. They should have just stopped with that one instead of making two more. It was better as just one movie instead of this trilogy. That is just my opinion.

Private U (au) wrote: obsession and relation kill love

Christopher C (jp) wrote: A good movie with some decent performances. Cruise is the bad guy for this film but up until the end, your are rooting for him. Foxx is pretty good as innocent cabbie drawn into the situation. Overall a pretty entertaining movie.

Ken S (jp) wrote: Like a donkey show. So hideous it's fascinating.

Amna K (it) wrote: Simple and beautiful!!

Julian T (fr) wrote: El castigo de la avaricia est en el hecho mismo de acumular, mucho ms que lo que se puede gastar en esta vida. Al final, solo queda el desencanto de haber perdido la vida entera, perdido la oportunidad de vivir y ser feliz y hacer feliz a otros.

Allan C (it) wrote: I love El Rey Network. This film was shown as part of a Mother's Day celebration, which is hilarious if you've seen this movie and get the connection. El Rey also introduced this film with a group of female filmmakers called the Switchblade Squad, who gave this film a delightful rapturous rundown, describing a space war between humans and Dracs, when one human (Dennis Quaid) and one Drac (Louis Gossett Jr.) find themselves marooned on a deserted planet and are forced to work together to survive. However, the squad did fail to mention this film is basically a sci-fi remake of John Boorman's "Hell in the Pacific," where a WWII American sailor (Lee Marvin) finds himself marooned on a deserted island with a Japanese soldier (Toshiba Mifune). The main difference between the plot of these two films is that (SPOILER ALERT) in "Enemy Mine" the Toshiba Mifune character becomes asexually pregnant and Lee Marvin's character has to raise the child. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, who'd only recently made the brilliant "Das Boot" and also featuring an excellent score by Maurice Jarre, this film is a classy production of a pretty fun and surprisingly thoughtful science fiction film. I'm not going to go as far as to say this film is art, or that it deserves to be treated as seriously as Boorman's film, but it does have a nice pro-social message of peace and understanding that's absent from most silly genre films, which I'll give it credit for that. I also want to note that character actor Brion James plays what I consider his most despicable role in this film, which is really saying something for an actor who made a career out of playing almost exclusively lowlife characters.

Jonathan C (ca) wrote: An epic Shakespearian story of the most famous composer in the world, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, told as a confession by his rival Antonio Salieri. Beautiful, compelling, tragic. Well written, directed, and acted. Best Picture 1984 by a mile.

Neil H (de) wrote: Thought provoking and sometimes raw, an enjoyable watch.

Jonathan G (br) wrote: It's absurd, ridiculous, but an entertaining ride for a story that feels like Indiana Jones meets DaVinci Code. Mediocre acting, plot, and action- but the pacing is enough to keep you interested. Rating 7 / 10

Alex C (us) wrote: WHY WAS THERE A DILDO AT THE GARAGE SALE? For all its little weird moments and eccentricities, Inside Out turns out to be a decent tale of how things are not always as they seem in a quiet suburban neighborhood

Blake P (ag) wrote: Though "Shadows and Fog" is far from my favorite Woody Allen film, I can't say I didn't enjoy it. Max (Allen) is a fraidy-cat lawyer who is woken up by a band of his neighbors, and they want him to help them nab a serial strangler on the loose. When he gets dressed, they leave, and he wanders the streets by himself. He then runs into a sword-swallower (Farrow), a hooker (Foster), and the killer himself. But when the doctor he visited earlier in the night winds up dead, the lynch mob goes out to get him. For a great Woody Allen film, see "Hannah and Her Sisters". For a good Allen movie, see "Shadows and Fog". Yes, this isn't Allen's best film, but it is truly a lot of fun anyways. "Shadows and Fog" is truly a black comedy and Woody really does his best to really make the genre come alive. He blends German expressionist style of filming (black and white), and at the same time presents a "Jack the Ripper" feeling throughout the movie. Though truly this is more of a comedy, don't expect to laugh that much. The jokes often fall flat, but the actors who present them still are very good. You get some fun appearances from Madonna, Lily Tomlin, Jodie Foster, Fred Gwynne (from "The Munsters"), Kathy Bates (as a hooker, can you imagine that?), and even John Malkovich, plus the team of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow make their last film together. I can't really decide whether this movie is all that great or not. Oh, well, I liked it. "Shadows and Fog" is really filled with well ... shadows and fog.