Atomic Rulers

Atomic Rulers

Super criminals are planning to infiltrate Earth with mass nuclear destruction! Only Starman can defend civilization by thwarting evil!

Super criminals are planning to infiltrate Earth with mass nuclear destruction! Only Starman can defend civilization by thwarting evil! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ramses C (ag) wrote: Original, fresca, unica.Excelente

Casey D (ca) wrote: This was a brilliant movie, and it really touched me. In a strange, slightly cosmic way, it reminded me of myself. Really guys, I don't want to spoil it, so I'm not going to say much. But Logan is my favorite... he/she is so perfect! A must see!

Dillinger P (us) wrote: Given his inclusion within the original television show, on which this movie is based, it was inevitable that Michael Mann, would at some point, turn his pastel coloured hit into a dark and gritty movie. I can applaud him for trying here, but although astheically pleasing, Miami Vice is lacking the substance it needs to truly shine. It all starts off like a bad action film, we're introduced to a Vice team, ran by Ricardo and Sonny, in their attempt to capture what appears to be a sex trafficer, its about then they receive a call from a distant source, explaining how a deal with the FBI has gone completely tits up. After the inevitable Sonny and Ricardo, and their team, are tasked with getting to the bottom of the drug cartel that tore a whole in the FBI, by going deep under cover as drug shippers. Its a big game of cat and mouse, that should have a lot more tension than it does, that's not to say it doesnt have its moments or merit, but there is very little substance and too much drivel in between these moments that make you either confused or lose sight of the big picture. Visually, Miami Vice is stunning to look at, the gritty, early digitized feel, lends itself well to setting a dark and forboding tone, much like it also makes the vast columbian and hiatian landscapes utterly irresistable to look at. The cinematography is gritty, dark, blue, of course and real. It all sounds the part too, the audio department do a great job with both music choice and foley work, minus one or two cheesy rock moments, that could have just been left out. Equally the acting, as per, is brilliant, Colin Farrell is direct, relatable and has the machismo for the part, equally Jamie Foxx, brings these tropes with an abundance of human touch. their partner ship is great, they bounce off each other in order to make deals work, they are the ultimate yin and yang. Problem is, we dont see enough of the duo together. That's because Mann has Sonny off getting laid with an insider for far too long, while Ricardo just kind of fades into the background. In fact the film goes about everything backwards. It establishes a good connection between characters, then just isolates them through the entire second half of the movie, leaving you feeling like this cop buddy film, isnt as buddy as you thought. Niaomi Harris is good as Ricardo's love interest and Justin Theroux does what hes given to the best of his abilities, but the team have barely any substance, apart from the leading men. Yeah they operate as a team, but its so calculated and lacks any human involvement, for the most part. The bad guys are bad, the good guys are good, no lines blurred. The script is stock full of techno mumbo jumbo too, instead of humans talking, we get full scenes of tactical terms flung in our faces at a speed we just cant fathom. Yes i know what these things are but just rattling them off for the sake of it, doesnt make me think god these guys are shit hot, it makes me feel like their robots. Luckily the actors are good enough to take this and turn it into something bearable. It's not until well after the first quarter that the film kicks into gear, by which time, its nice to catch brilliant moments of creative tension, a meeting with a middle man which see the duo use a grenade as a bargaining chip. A super tense hostage situation and more subtle moments where Ricardo pulls Sonny aside to ask if he has gotten in too deep are remarkable bits of film and save this from being a complete disaster. But the pay off is lack luster, predictable and kind of deflating. You get very little closure, you dont feel as relieved as you should and you cant help but feel you just watched an overly long pilot for a television show. It doesnt feel like the full package you get from a Michael Mann film, its looks like it, it sounds like it, the actors try their hardest with it but the source material just isnt there. It's enjoyable, it has its moments and some of the action sequences are brutally orchestrated, its gritty, stunning and easy on the eye, but with an over abundance of techno chat, lack of tension and no real cameraderi between the team apart from Foxx and Farrell, your left not really caring, which is a far cry from what we are used to with Mann.

Darren P (de) wrote: I bit of a mess of a movie really, it got could've been good but it ain't! A good performance by Bille Piper but the rest of the cast is quite culmsy & unconvincing, just like the rest of the movie!

Fernando C (ru) wrote: great action flick, loved it and I still do

Lauren G (us) wrote: Hell yeah I know what Moxi is

Private U (us) wrote: I love this movie....can't seem to find it anywhere.

Alexander C (fr) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

Valencia C (kr) wrote: Yeah, this was a good movie, but then kinda boring at the same time.

Jason G (ag) wrote: Enjoyable... It's fun to see Sean Connery at the height of his popularity, doing something other than Bond... and Brigitte Bardot and Honour Blackman are fun to watch a well. The acting is typical to a 60's western (of the NON-SPAGHETTI variety, I might add)... and the camerawork is superb, capturing some absolutely gorgeous vistas. The only strange thing I found with this film was that it never once, (despite the guns and the horses and the hats and the Indians and the stagecoaches)... struck me as a western. Strange but true! It seemed to lack that certain flavour that most westerns of the day have and in some ways, that's a good thing because even though it might contain all the stereotypes and stereotypical situations of a stereotypical western, it was anything but... Much, much better than it's been rated here by others... (Beware....The theme song is ghastly, however)...

Jonas (jp) wrote: Romantisk komedi al 1940. Inte riktigt s tokigt som man skulle kunna tro. Lucille Ball (knd frn The Lucy Show / I Love Lucy) som utmanande vp och Maureen O'Hara som oskyldig ung dam med hjrta av guld som bara gillar att dansa. De r bda medlemmar av samma danssllskap som efter att polisen stngt haket som de dansar p pga att det var en front fr en illegal spelklubb blir arbetslsa. Lucille finner snabbt ett nytt jobb som dans- och sngartist vid en burlesk show. Dr blir hon ngot av en semikndis. Hon ser d till att O'Hara, som drmmer om att dansa balett, ven fr jobb dr som gr ut p att agera publik hetsare genom att dansa balett som publiken buar. I allt detta finns naturligtvis en man som bda suktar efter. En stenrik playboy som just skilt sig. Visst r det fullt av klicheer men filmen r trots det ganska underhllande och passar bra en sndagseftermiddag om man inte har annat man vill gra.