Atomic Train

Atomic Train

A train headed for Denver carrying nuclear waste and toxic materials is en route for disaster when it becomes a runaway. Renegade investigator and train enthusiast John Seger jumps on board in a bid to save thousand of innocent lives...

A train filled with atomic devices threatens to destroy the city of Denver. John Serger (a train buff) has to prevent this from happening . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Atomic Train torrent reviews

Rebecca W (us) wrote: Watching now, hope it's good!!

Will D (nl) wrote: Funny, funny, funny. A great duo, and funny story. When I see it on T.V., I always get drawn in again. Maybe the funniest of the year.

Jason M (ag) wrote: Average, run of the mill, but entertaining for what it is worth. Which was $0.99 if I recall.

William S (ag) wrote: This film was kinda cheesy and overall a weird experience. It's not bad, it's just below average.

Mge A (ag) wrote: Nicolas Cage is ugly, alright? And he is not supposed to be an angel from the sky.. Everybody agrees with it? Ok..

Carlito G (us) wrote: Very Ingenious Thriller. Needed more T & A.

J J (fr) wrote: I love Madonna. This movie is raunchy. lol

jorge b (gb) wrote: what a crazy film... like it.

Raven D (us) wrote: A master at work.The direction,the photography,the stories,the characters,the acting,the dialogue, the music...

maxwell w (mx) wrote: A historic film in meme history, and for a good reason.

Leonard D (kr) wrote: Too bad that one of the only things worth seeing in this movie is Angelina Jolie naked! I think this is one reason why Brad Pitt was attracted to her in the first place!Angie definitely looks and acts the role of Lara Croft perfectly, but the rest of the film could have been so much better than how it turned out to be in the end!

Aaron W (nl) wrote: Unexpectedly good. Eddie Murphy is priceless.