Atomic Twister

Atomic Twister

When tornadoes hit a nuclear power plant, critically damaging the plant's cooling system, the results could be catastrophic. Atomic Twister, a countdown to disaster, traces an extraordinary day in the lives of small town citizens who unexpectedly find themselves facing the possibility of mass destruction.

The staff of a nuclear reactor must struggle to avert a disaster when tornadoes cause damage that threatens to start a meltdown. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Atomic Twister torrent reviews

Robert B (au) wrote: An uncomfortable, gritty and disturbing film with a plot that deserved more fleshing out and explanation that was given; this film is most certainly not for those who are not familiar with gore and challenging viewing experiences.

Anthony N (ag) wrote: Humor was pretty bad. The music kept me through the whole movie!

Shannon M (ru) wrote: This movie is just sooo amazing. It is extremely powerful, making the blood boil in anger on more than one occasion. It is also has moments of innocent sweetness and a few tearjerking moments too. This movie is simply incredible with each of the cast delivering a very strong and believable perfomance.

Jim M (jp) wrote: Gerard Depardieu heads a bunch of incompetent thievies in Paris. After botching a simple robbery their boss sends them to Chicago to pull a heist...only when they get there they find the target is a Mafia Underboss (Harvey Keital). Within 24 hours the thieves have the Mafia, the police, a crooked FBI agent and a pissed off Latino gangbanger after them. Good crime comedy, with everyone giving top notch performances. An unheralded gem.

Brian P (gb) wrote: Eastwood won best director (golden globe). Good performance by Forrest Whittaker.

Gordon P (kr) wrote: thought it was quite funny

William D (jp) wrote: What a magnificent film. Julian Schnabel pulled off a real tour de force with "Before Night Falls," his second film. Gloriously artistic and gloriously humane, it tells the tragic but also uplifting story of Cuba's boy genius, the poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas, who was brutally mistreated by the bizarrely homophobic (one might even say proto-fascist) regime of Fidel Castro, heroically escaped, and then was mowed down by AIDS in the first wave of infections in the late 1980s. Schnabel and lead actor Javier Bardem worked together beautifully to bring this man's story to life. Bardem is radiant with the joy of a young gay man coming out of the closet and feeling love for the first time. I presume Bardem is straight. To see a straight man find it with himself to feel this is tonic for the soul. Schnabel I believe is also straight. For two straight men to come together to tell the story of this flamboyant gay man and to do it in such a tender and loving way truly amazes. Some straight men really can feel deep in their soul the anguish and gladness of gay men. Astonishing. The only sadness to me is that in the past decade Schnabel has not been able to produce more work of this caliber. But we still owe him a real debt of gratitude for giving us this treasure. And my appreciation for Bardem just keeps getting greater. He is moving near the top of my list of Greatest Male Screen Actors in the World. He's got Marlon Brando in him, mixed with a delight in the world that reminds me at times of a butterfly. What an extraordinary mixture. It's as if he's both straight and gay.