The legendary empire of the lost continent of Mu reappears to threaten the world with domination. While countries unite to resist, an isolated World War II Captain has created the greatest warship ever seen, and possibly the surface world's only defense.

Several strange occurrences are taking place all over the world including the disappearance of two engineers. Also, former admiral Kosumi is nearly kidnapped along with his secretary, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Atragon torrent reviews

Shawn D (ru) wrote: Myliasse Jan DeLucia

Paul R (kr) wrote: I so wish I felt a little more positive about this film and are itching to give it just half more stars but I feel like I'm trying to hard. On reflection it's mainly down to three issues. 1. It's soooo slow it just plods along, and the first half just never really got going.2. Sex... Lots of it. I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but there's too much sex. Reached a point where is felt distractingly unnecessary.3. The main character has so little positive human traits that at no point in the film do you warm to him or anyone. Isolated, the audience can't completely commit to the film.Even though I seem to rip it apart with these points, Simon Killer really sucked me back in and I was utterly intrigued where this was going, all the way through. This was down to its slow and focused direction, a splendid performance from our lead and a film that doesn't follow a theme or genre. It's un-categorisable... Some drama, but not a drama, not a horror, no thrills, no mystery. Not only does it not fit into any genre but it also leaves every stone unturned, the journey we follow never really concludes but that's half it's charm. A lot must also be said for its brilliant use of music with a fantastic soundtrack.Simon Killer was intriguing but just turned out to be a snap shot of Simon's life, no real beginning, no real end. Just a trip through a troubling part of his journey to France.

Janet E (fr) wrote: I loved this movie. Very touching. I cried almost all the way though it ~

Yasmin G (us) wrote: I somewhat remember this from my childhood, and I was like ugh they just had too put a asian guy in there. If I could be with me now, I'd be like "Yasmin look at that asian guy he likes to fick puzzies. Stop hating on him for being asian hate on him for being a slut." Other than that I don't think it was a great movie I kinda eh. I like it for the actors. It was funny.

Aoife D (mx) wrote: Not your average romantic comedy. Take a crazy family, throw in an injured mother who needs surgery, and add an unconventional romance, and you've got one hell of a movie.

Samuel Y (es) wrote: Very informative with some great visuals, but over all pretty unnecessary.

Arslan K (ca) wrote: Moores best In my opinion

Alonso A (br) wrote: Totally over-the-top, no fucks given insanity that is as thrillingly fun as darkly comic. Miike sure knows the formula to good exploitation.

Andy J (nl) wrote: This is an amazing film, seriously. It is probably the only film I've ever seen that has depicted a schizophrenic person without having them cut somebody up into pieces at the end, a horrible stereotype that media perpetuates to a tee.

Raaj C (gb) wrote: This has got to be the dumbest sounding film ever and believed it or is incredibly dumb. Employee of the Month is not the definite film of all time, but it is certainly is a bad movie. It is not well written, not well acted, it is just not well. So what is Employee of the Month about? Well, it is about a man named Zack Bradley, played by Dane Cook. He is a box boy at a local supermarket named Super Club...pretty much ripping of off BJ's, but with crappy products. He isn't the most popular because he and month his friends are complete slacking rejects. He also likes to play pranks on the store's head cashier, Vince Downey, played by Dax Shepard. Vince normally picks Zack for being completely lazy with his work. Then Zack encounters a change of heart when a new cashier named Amy Renfro, played by Jessica Simpson (?), joins the BJ's clone. Zack undergoes that phase of a good looking guy that doesn't have a care in the world sees love at the first sight...yeah this is becoming cheesy suburban fairytale, but without most of the fairytale aspects. Zack tries so hard to get her attention, but Vince also wants a piece of Amy as well. So the race is on to see who can win the Employee of the Month award. If that person wins, they get to keep their job and AMY!Okay, you maybe wondering (or not, depending on your point of view) that this IS the dumbest thing to watch and it is. It is not funny, the writing is a completely BAD joke, and gives the conception that Dane Cook is likable. Ok, there are maybe a couple of laughs, but they get forgotten anyway. There were also some pretty touchy scenes as well...even if it is corny as hell. To be far, Dax and his assistant do make a funny line once in a while. I think the film should have been centered on these two. They were the funniest part of the entire movie! Jessica Simpson is just average brood that makes such a generic performance. I think she, Tara Reid, and Kirsten Stewart went to the same acting school.So, is it a bad movie? Yes, of course it is. The film is not funny, the performances and writing is beyond lazy, over the top, and forgettable. The only likable moments are the touchy ones and the scenes with Dax and his assistant. My advice, don't see this movie. It is just not worth your time. I am going to give this film a 1/5 stars.

Javier H (it) wrote: So absolutely mind-blowing I don't even know what to think of it.

Liam M (it) wrote: Another horror anthology? Another mediocre collection. There are moments, one short stands heads and shoulders above the rest, mostly though - this is an outdated format.