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Atrapados torrent reviews

David L (mx) wrote: De bonnes crises de rire ;-)

Orlok W (ca) wrote: I don't recall ever feeling as claustrophobic as I did watching this. If you don't mind low-budget and you enjoy sci-fi horror, then this might be Fun and very Claustrophobic chase movie... Need to get my breath back--True indie filmmaking at it's finest... Micro budget. Highly intense. It's a slow burn...!!

Orlok W (es) wrote: Have you checked the children?--A horror films from the 1970's made in 2012... Delectably Demented!!

Lyla R (nl) wrote: really interesting, and the sumo part was quite creepy!

Dustin O (br) wrote: good movie... i love SciFi films

amari s (mx) wrote: this movie was funny

Kristy M (es) wrote: Sean Penn is amazing in this movie as well as the rest of the all star cast. Some of the characters are annoying at times, but they seem oddly familiar. Brilliant movie.

Kevin Q (it) wrote: I watched a lot of action movies with my Dad growing up....this one sucked!

Therese K (ca) wrote: Beautiful and heartwarming. That basically sums up the whole movie.

John A (es) wrote: The Original Zombie Film, & The Best One. White Zombie See's Horror Legend Bela Lugosi As Murder LeGrande A Wealthy Man Who Has The Power To Control The Dead. Lugosi Converts Madeline Short (Madge Bellamy) Into His Bride After The Wealthy Charles Beaumont (Robert Frazer) Enters An Unholy Agreement With LeGrande, Whereby Madeline Will Die, Then Be Resurrected As A Zombie.The Story May Be Poor By Todays Standards As Well As Acting & Script, But This Low Budgeter Gives Off An Excellent Haunting Atmosphere & Uses Some Excellent Special Effects For It's Time, Some Of The Scenes Where We See Lugosi Close-Up Are Quite Haunting In Themselves & These Are Basic Shots With Some Excellent Face Acting From Lugosi. Cult Horror Fans & Lugosi Fans Will Love This. The Modern Zombie Fan Would Hate It As There's No Blood Or Violence Here, Just The Baiscs Which Make This Film A Rare Treat.

Brian B (it) wrote: Excellent, thank you for your service and may God protect you in Jesus name!

Facebook U (gb) wrote: The Transporter is the pure definition of a fun action film. You have Jason Statham being a badass, a sexy love interest, complete and hilarious disregards for the laws of physics, need I say more? I can see where a lot of people back in 2002 didn't like this film. It came out not long after Snatch, one of the funniest crime dramas I've ever seen. Snatch was a masterpiece in funny dialogue and story telling. Then here come this Transporter, a movie that ditches the plot and acting for action scenes. I realize that, but since then, these movies have become Statham's trademarks. All he does is mindless action movies, and when you compare this to things like Homefront, you realize how fun the film is. Really, when you see two cars explode because one T-boned by the other, you realize how ridiculous this movie is. I laughed my ass off in this movie. It's so dumb, yet so good. I really wish Statham would play in more movies that just accept what they are like this one. It knows it's a silly action film, and embraces it. Instead he does movies like Safe and Homefront, which try to be smarter than they really are. I don't know, maybe Jason's trying to recapture his Guy Richie days of smart, intelligent comedy crime thrillers. I'll tell him one thing, if you want to make another movie that focuses on plot, get back together with Guy Richie.