Att bli med barn

Att bli med barn


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Chris B (mx) wrote: Hilariously bad movie. The script was likely made from a leftover Glenn Beck pilot that wasn't picked up.

Christophe C (ca) wrote: Du Sushi Typhoon de petite valeur et qui ne trouve son salut que dans quelques plans aux poses (C)quivoques et tendancieuses...

Anthony V (de) wrote: A touching romantic ghost story.

Kerry J (au) wrote: Amazing movie - dark, moving, brilliantly acted by Kelly MacDonald.

Brian G (gb) wrote: I managed to make it through this one. It had some admirable creepy moments, but overall it was just a mess. Acting was pretty bad too.

on b (kr) wrote: Worst documentary about holocaust. I can't even stand 20 minutes of that ridiculous interpreter-subtitle routine and the expoliting questions of that smart-a..

Bruno V (kr) wrote: Good enough for a couple ot laughs ... not every situation is funny . Nr 2 is ready , so it can be really bad heuh ?

bill s (jp) wrote: When you remake a cult classic try not getting the most vanilla actor available.Noisy,busy unwanted remake

Ben C (gb) wrote: The only thing worth watching for this movie is the soundtrack itself, although it and the movie seems to be cliched even for its time even when compared to Rocky and The Karate Kid. P.S. The reason why Jason Stillwell and his family move to Seattle is because of a sudden injury from his father, who was at the beginning of the movie a Martial Arts teacher.