Attack of the Super Monsters

Attack of the Super Monsters

In the year 2000 the dinosaurs reappear on planet Earth, terrorizing mankind.

In the year 2000 the dinosaurs reappear on planet Earth, terrorizing mankind. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amasa G (ca) wrote: Excellent film in more ways than one. Although I have a hard time getting at what ideological center it is coming from, I'm pretty sure I like the message too. But that is besides the point. The film does a really good job as a piece of art in its own right and that is all that matters. I highly recommend people seeing this.

Javier H (fr) wrote: Comenz lenta, pero luego se convirti poco a poco en una de las pelculas ms cmicas que jama he visto. Me encantara una(s) secuela(s).

LAM S (kr) wrote: It is very funny...! haha! Gigi like to spend extravagantly. She can spend a lot of money every day. Her dad can't bear her and hire an ex-cop to help his daughter. Her dad cheated Gigi he was sicked and Gigi need to survived on her own in an old community crushed with shabby housing.Qing Wan pretended a Filipino driver. He was so cute as a Filipino driver haha...Finally Gigi know it is very hard to make money. she know how to treasure the money and prevent to spend extravagantly again....

Jin N (jp) wrote: watched it again, such a dark comedy, HK style...

Scott W (ru) wrote: The music saves this from being a dud. As it is, the plot is overly dramatic in parts. And the long dream sequence doesn't even come close to the level of the ones in Singin' in the Rain and An American in Paris. Shirley Jones looks so young here pre-Music Man. I liked the scenes at the dance, and of course the title song. But it's not one of the better musicals of the era.

Jon d (it) wrote: One of the best movies that never made it big.A great thriller with two wonderfull actors and a great cast of supporting actors. Plus... really cool scenes that have not been beaten before or since. My personal favorite quote "You forgot to flush".

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Not the worst adventure movie - Charlie's Angels' flicks got that honor.

Sean R (us) wrote: A leap forward in realism

Jess K (au) wrote: So pretentious it hurts. Swanberg attaches a significance to this piece that is absolutely mind boggling. However, it does raise some interesting points about communication today & it helped having the director himself explain it, but it is still a movie I would not recommend.

Blais E (kr) wrote: A humongous, Buick-sized Razorback Boar runs rampant through the wilds of the Land Down Under, making human hot dogs of the oddball-Outbackers unlucky enough to cross his path. Enter Gregory Harrison ("Trapper John, M.D."-) to hunt down the predatorily-pernicious porker after he sups on his wife. Decent acting and vivid characterizations (Especially among the eccentric Aussie folk-) coupled with supremely-moody atmosphere and stark cinematography that render the Outback into an arid, forbodingly-desolate wasteland all make for an interesting and original film experience.

Cameron D (it) wrote: Weird but so incredibly hilarious! This movie is a classic!