Attacked Female Teacher

Attacked Female Teacher


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Attacked Female Teacher torrent reviews

Dan O (au) wrote: Started off with a promise, then sadly fell right into cheesy, unbelievable, drama, that doesn't seem real, and only used to tell a story.

Dick D (au) wrote: boeiend drama...onderhoudende film over een arbeider die om zichzelf een indentiteit te geven meer en meer in het criminele circuit belandt....7 punten op de schaal van Dick

Chris H (kr) wrote: Had not seen this in years. Dark and disturbingly funny. fooking loves it'

Carter M (de) wrote: I love this movie it is a great Japanese noir film that was made in the 90s it takes all the clichs from noir movies and put an entertaining Japanese twist on them, this movie is just fun to watch.

Todd B (ru) wrote: A decent action flick thats a bit preachy with some good actors and of course Seagal who can't act himself out of a paprer bag. Still its classic action hero stuff...just go in thinking that.

Lee M (de) wrote: With unique and historically important casting, "House of the Long Shadows" wasn't a film trying to be hip and failing dismally, it was a film knowingly 'out of time' and thus became an exception to the common rule of 80's Horror, and should be viewed as such.

Heather E (ru) wrote: Since it is an old movie it was pretty good - very sad and very violent

Jake M (ru) wrote: If Jesus could come back and be in one movie, it would be Galaxina.

Sam R (au) wrote: Conchita's role played by 2 actresses was just brilliance. Worth watching!

Zack B (ru) wrote: Truly one of the greatest debut films of all time with stunning photography by Henri Decae and a powerhouse performance by Gerard Blain.

Robby G (es) wrote: I heard good things about this movie so I was maybe expecting too much for a Zombie B movie, but it really disappointed. The concept of it was good, Civil War era overran with the walking dead, but it failed in almost every category. The only good thing about it was the zombies looked half way decent as far as the makeup and movements, but they were the best actors in the film in my opinion. The terrible excuse for an antagonist was also one of the many weak points of the film, as well as the main characters. If you really enjoy B zombie movies you might get some enjoyment out the film, but I doubt it.