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Attitude torrent reviews

Joe M (mx) wrote: A few good laughs and some funny zombified beavers, but over all disappointing.

Sue W (mx) wrote: I enjoyed it, an it was apparently a true story. well kind of, it was great how they did it. liked it.

Jass M (ca) wrote: It was good but I'm so mad that they did not let Chris Brown go through the whole movie. I'm so mad about that if I would have known that I would have never gotten the movie and watched it. That was just wrong.

Tyler A (jp) wrote: I recommend this to kids 7/8+

F B (nl) wrote: A good film and story which was easy to watch and understand.

Paul K (kr) wrote: A hard one to review. I never know with wacky Japanese movies if they're just wacky or if they're saying something more to illuminate Japanese culture, which I generally find hard to connect with. If you want a story that's heartbreaking, done as musical comedy, then this is the beast that we have here. It's unusual in that Matsuko is already dead at the start, and the tale unfolds in flashback. She starts from wanting her father's love and not getting it, and works her way through a series of abusive men and various degrees of prostitution, until she is murdered at 53 after ten years of reclusive self neglect. And she dies full of hope and optimism, singing, singing. If that's your bag, this is your film. Production values are high.

Art S (gb) wrote: Although it doesn't rank with the best of Kurosawa's samurai flicks, Samurai Assassin by Okamoto has a lot going for it. One might complain that the voice-over (by an omniscient and anonymous narrator) is a bit intrusive, but along with the flashback structure, it provides the film with a noirish quality that sits well in this genre. Mifune shows up with his now well-worn outcast samurai character (and at times he doesn't quite seem the young man still questing to know his father); yet it is always a pleasure to spend time with him.

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Andruw F (jp) wrote: The ending partially redeemed it to be a 1.5/10, but this movie still is terrible. I loved The River, it's in my top 25 shows of all time, and I want to own it! This was poorly acted, directed, and written. The cinematography as well as camera is terrible. The production value was atrocious, but I understand with a $15,000 budget. I guess because I don't find the premise, or how they're executing it, scary, could be the reason I don't like this, but I was extremely open minded, especially with an 83%!

Terry B (kr) wrote: Stupid - just about as awful as you can possibly imagine. This thing can't even make it to a bad "B" rating. Embarrassing for the actors one would think, but then they didn't have much to work with.

sveta p (it) wrote: Interesting....very interesting....

Steve K (ru) wrote: Better than I expected. Some scenes were cute/funny and some good combat scenes.