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Jessica N (br) wrote: What a waste! Almost a good teen-sex romp movie. Didn't even have enough T & A to qualify for that category though. Swain seemed like she was channeling Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On. Keram Malicki-Sanchez is always good and Jamie King was good. Watching Renfro just made me sad.

Eddie K (gb) wrote: Spike Lee's ode to his youth is short on plot but long on character development and emotional content.

Travis C (mx) wrote: i have to say, this is my favorite movie of all time

Daniel C (de) wrote: This movie is hilariously awesome.

Francisco F (br) wrote: L'artiste, non pas dans le monde, mais face a lui.

Steve D (es) wrote: Marilyn just wasn't the great actor this movie idolizes. the actors are good the story forgettable.

Silvestre S (es) wrote: Saw V doesn't do much more to the series except satisfy the hunger for more traps