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A taboo-smasher of the late '60s, featuring interracial affairs, anti-Vietnam statements, violence versus sex. Take a whirlwind trip with a married woman whose journey through the ...

One of the great taboo-smashers of the late '60s, directed by Tinto Brass, featuring interracial affairs, anti-Vietnam statements, violence versus sex. ATTRACTION (NEROSUBIANCO) will stun anyone expecting a standard softcore European sex flick as released originally in the US thru Radley Metzger's Audubon Films under the title THE ARTFUL PENETRATION OF BARBARA, then brace yourself for a whirlwind trip with a married woman (Anita Sanders) whose journey through the psychedelic English youth scene awakens her to the carnal offerings of an African-American man (Terry Carter), all set to by a searing soundtrack by FREEDOM, a tripped-out group formed from the remnants of PROCAL HARUM. Nearly plotless and often improvised, this undiscovered cult film distinctive tone and editing scheme anticipated everything in the following year releases of Nicolas Roeg PERFORMANCE, Kubrick's A CLOCKWORK ORANGE to our current post-MTV mindsets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Sean S (au) wrote: Low rated but I am a sucker for Grifter movies so going to bump it a bit higher. Really enjoyed it don't want to give it away bit it is worth seeing.

Conrad T (jp) wrote: Rise and Fall of country rock stars. Not too much additives.

Gautham R (nl) wrote: Story is pretty simple. Liked the movie for happy ending and performance of Mary Elizabeth, especially in the climax dance. Could have been better choreographed.

Greg W (br) wrote: plays like an Aussie version of 'the Commitments" or 'brassed off'

Cody C (au) wrote: A piece of shit but fun if you like cheese. I've been on a cheese kick lately.

Greg T (fr) wrote: In 1960s The Bronx a maths teacher is murdered with arrows, a dangerous felon is released from prison seemingly intent on starting where he left off, and the biggest thug of the neighbourhood has renounced violence and is embracing the civil rights movement, inspired by Martin Luther King. The slice-of-life realism, combined with the broad and jarring surrealism, of FIVE CORNERS makes it an unusual, beguiling and enthralling spectacle, enmeshing its characters in a web of social dilemma and out-and-out weirdness. It's difficult to extricate a coherent message from the mesmerising sequences, though it certainly offers food for thought about the nature of violence and need for a response. Though, if you're not in the mood for thinking at least there are penguins. A strangely satisfying, defiantly unusual movie with great performances from Tim Robbins, Jodie Foster and the genuinely threatening John Tuturro. Unfairly unknown.

Henrique C (ca) wrote: Kubrick looks like conducting an orchestra, with grace and perfection, everything happens as planned.

Patrick B (fr) wrote: Cuba's "L'Avventura"? I'll have to watch this one again.

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