Au-delà des cimes

Au-delà des cimes


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Au-delà des cimes torrent reviews

John B (au) wrote: Best Indie Comedy of the Year ! ! !

Al H (au) wrote: Better than any Milla Jovovich films.

bob s (ru) wrote: AMAZING MOVIE, it was so sweet and heartfelt! i loved this movie it was so great!

Erica T (kr) wrote: Drama abouty marriage and family secrets, good story. Mads Mikkelsen is a bonus.

Sara C (gb) wrote: i liked the first one, so ill try this one

shanul h (ca) wrote: A slow moving contemplative drama that explores themes like suicide and dealing with loss.

Nathan C (nl) wrote: I wanna see this first before i see the remake,The Remake is going to look trash but this will do my trick.Indeed it does have Keanu Reeves but this is not going to be a masterpiece but it is somewhat a movie!

Armando N (de) wrote: Bellas imgenes y la msica de Philip Glass.....digan lo que quieran, a mi me pareci insoportablemente aburrida...

Igan A (kr) wrote: Oh god, where do I start? You gotta hand it to the Italians to capture a complicated feeling and make it tangible. Think Italian craftsmanship. They made this masterpiece marriage of form and content like they make Ferraris--perfect. My numbah two after Koyaanisqatsi.

Tyler W (gb) wrote: As One Friend Said The Movie Feel Was Just Dry/Stale Hense Boring!

Kyle V (ru) wrote: 'Blue Jasmine' has a non-linear and parallel-like structure that shows us the progression of its premise, a New York housewife who struggles with a life crisis, once residing at her Park Avenue Penthouse, now minimized to a cramped San Francisco apartment with her sister Ginger. Now Jasmine has to put her life together piece by piece. Cate Blanchett gives a transformative performance as Jasmine, a neurotic and narcissistic character. Jasmine is fleshed out, unraveled excellently, and the rendering is uncanny. 'Blue Jasmine' utilizes Blanchett's talents which buoys the film while also examining relevant socio-economic issues such as class. Its premise is fully realized at the end, a painful and delicate conclusion to the deterioration of an ambitious life founded on duplicity

dan u (gb) wrote: The only thing I liked about this movie was the dog.