Au revoir Taipei

Au revoir Taipei

Kai (Jack Yao), who works at his parent's noodle shop by day and spends his nights in a bookstore to learn French, decides to go to Paris after his girlfriend, who recently left for Paris, dumps him by phone. Then the local neighborhood mafia boss offers Kai a free plane ticket to Paris if he takes a mysterious package with him.

A love story takes place over the course of one evening in Taipei. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith L (ca) wrote: This shit was crazy. Boyz in da Hood, Menace II Society, etc. cant really get as close to the real deal as this did. IF some of it was staged then I couldn't tell, and didn't really care, because this was fucking GANGSTA. "Real talk mayne!"

The N (ag) wrote: the mother was hit in the forehead at first and not from behind like they wanted to show at the movie end.

Dryorophus (us) wrote: Recommended by Aritosgold

Arne F (jp) wrote: Dette vart litt snn First Blood-light ! Mot slutten vert det litt vel mykje nedplaffing av the bad guys !

Saitou Y (au) wrote: David Fincher has crafted a heart-pounding breakout crime film that would bring the audience on the edge of their seats. However, there were mild inconsistencies in the anti-climactic final sequence.

Jer M (kr) wrote: Oddly enough, this is a rather decent film if I remember correctly. And Jerry's monologue at the end is awesome.

Dana A (mx) wrote: Whoopi has made better choices but she's also made worse.

Scott R (jp) wrote: It was alright, but I certainly never need to see it again. It certainly was not scary, but it sure tried to be.

Ellouise O (us) wrote: I think that every one should watch this it looks so good xxx

Dylan A (it) wrote: It's honestly a decent film. How it received such low ratings is beyond me. The acting isn't amazing and the story line isn't the best but it was watchable and deserved at the very least 6/10 stars.

Alvin Ian B (de) wrote: I think it is pure genius.Creatively delicious treat.Some heartwarming moments.A animation that cannot be remade in other medium, esp. live action.A classic that deserve a slot in any movie buff collection.Another 5 star rating from my heart.

Matt M (br) wrote: Based on Tobias Wolff's autobiography about his difficult childhood, a single mother takes her son on an aimless trip through American finally thinking she found stability with a military man for a husband, who however proves to be a rude dictator who aims to discipline her son in a violently rigid way. The film is tainted by distance and coldness and that seems to be mainly due to the pace of the film that is too fast. The thing that keeps the film together is the intensity of the cast, with Barkin, De Niro and a young and impressive Di Caprio delivering some truly hard hitting performances.