Audience of One

Audience of One

The film follows the story of a San Francisco Pentecostal minister Richard Gazowsky on his quest to shoot a groundbreaking fantasy film called Gravity: The Shadow of Joseph (described by him as "Star Wars meets The Ten Commandments"). The film follows him and members of his church as they go through pre-production and fly to Alberobello, Italy, for initial shooting that turns out to be marred with difficulties.

A documentary following a Pentecostal minister who receives a vision from God to create an epic science fiction movie based on the biblical story of Joseph, sending him and his followers on a journey of extreme faith. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryland D (mx) wrote: The most rewarding part about this doc is that it helps you appreciate the revolutionary zombie flick even more than you already did.

Sheila K (nl) wrote: Slow-paced, with a lot of yelling and arguing. Of course, my experience wasn't helped by the fact that the people I was watching it with kept trying to fast-forward to the parts with interesting story or action, but that also says a few things about the movie! In its favour, I will say that the acting was pretty decent, and there were some good moments. It just was a bit tedious to watch.

Alehee N (es) wrote: Again, great CGI, but one more time the action sequence goes on for WAY too long.

Emily Y (fr) wrote: It's very strange to me that people leave themselves so vulnerable to others who are so willing to snatch them up. This film enters into a world so foreign to me, it's hard to describe the feeling I was left with after watching it. I appreciate the knowledge and information this film brings to the forefront. Lives destroyed, innocence stolen, families damaged.....all for someone's unfathomable lack of remorse, respect, and severe neglect for anothers life. What is wrong with a world that provides a market for purchasing people, young girls and boys, to be used as porn puppets or in any other way they see fit??? Mira Sorvino was an excellent lead in this movie that delves into the world of human trafficking of young girls/women and follows her quest to bring down a huge organization.

Sgt C (ca) wrote: (57%) Another example of Van Damme's strait-to-video movies being actually better than his cinematic ones from back in the day (or the 90's as it's also called). This is a somewhat solid, violent revenge flick with a great central role from Jean-Claude giving a more than decent dramatic performance that you just don't really get in this type of lower end budgeted movie. There are a few noticeable cracks here and there as you'd expect, the fact that it's only about 1 hour 22 long is proof enough of not the highest quality, but as far as hard edged crime action thrillers that never made it to cinema go, this is really is a bit of a highlight.

Sami (ru) wrote: It was so sad!but i liked it so much.

Thomas B (ru) wrote: Great gangster movie. Four young "wanna-be" gangsters have to deal with a big dollar problem. Watch for the scene where, Vin Diesel gives a country tough guy the beating of his life!!! (with background music). Overall a pretty dam good movie. If you like gangster movies you'll love this one!!!! (Oh yeah, John Malkovich is in it. He always plays a tough guy. He looks like a nerd to me!

Luc L (jp) wrote: An accurate film about capitalist labor. This film was blacklisted.

Steve H (mx) wrote: Ron Shelton's umpteenth sports film finds best friend low-rate boxers Vince (Woody Harrelson, "Natural Born Killers") and Cesar (Antonio Bandares, "Philadelphia") called up to fight on the undercard of a Mike Tyson Pay-Per-View in Las Vegas after the original fighters end up dead and overdosed. They set out to Vegas in a car along with Grace (Lolita Davidovich) who's the current girlfriend of Cesar and ex of Vince.It seems ripe for comedy, but little is actually done with it. They bicker here and there, they relive the moments that faulted their careers, and stop for breakfast in a diner. Perhaps director Ron Shelton can't find a way to make characters work when sports aren't involved or something.Along the way they pick up an oversexed Lucy Liu ("Charlie's Angels") who flirts with the guys, causes shit with Grace, and then leaves. One of many characters who appear and vanish with no real plot logic. Tom Sizemore appears as the fight's promoter, albeit briefly, and several famous names make cameos during the final fight, one of which now locked arm & arm with Lucy Liu's character in one of the few funny moments.The fight itself is handled well enough that the film actually seems to pick up. Earlier in the car, Lucy Liu asks if anyone wants to smoke a joint. They turn her down (though "Pot King" Woody Harrelson obviously has a sparkle in his eye about it). I'm not sure if maybe they did smoke that joint, or maybe Ron Shelton did. Or maybe the fighters stumbled onto some acid prior to the fight. For whatever reason, the latter part of the fight is a mess of hallucinagenic visions involving middle fingers, naked women, and a bare-assed man (thanks to Antonio Bandares fascination with gays). Not once or even twice does this happen but instead it floods the entire latter part of the fight making the movie almost unrecognizable in terms of humor from the first half of the film.It's by far one of Shelton's worst in a career involving "Bull Durham" and "White Man Can't Jump". There's the occasional laugh between Vince and Cesar, and of course Vince's berating of Cesar when he reveals a past homosexual lifestyle...which lasted a year...just because he lost a fight in Madison Square Garden to a gay boxer. None of the cast shines or is ever really given a chance to resulting in a dud of a film.

Marian B (jp) wrote: Honest and poignant film. Very good performances.

Justin B (kr) wrote: Some men hide the movies they watch from their wives. This was that movie for me. Comparisons to mamma Mia are inevitable, 4 songs in and we've found our Pierce Brosnan. Watch all your favourite 80s hits performed by faces you don't recognise (although one of the fellas looked like he used to date my cousin and one of the girls looked liked she used to work in river island).starring an Italian who looks like josh duhamel gemma artertons sister and katy brand u remember katy brand from that funny sitcom u liked hang on wrong person.neverless cheesy predictable fun. Then the wife caught me and called me a disgrace.

Wilman A (kr) wrote: Penuh Kejutan. Dengan gaya indie favorit film mengunggah di awal durasinya, namun seiring waktu saying makin berkurang gregetnya. Beside that, tetap masuk keep list dan sangat menyentuh.