Set in 1890s North Wales over a long, hot August weekend, the Victorian calm of a household is suddenly upset with the arrival of a London couple who impose their city ways and thoughts on the more rurally based family. An adaptation of Anton Chekhov's play, "Uncle Vanya."

Chekovs Uncle Vanya, transposed to turn-of-the-century North Wales, where the peace and tranquillity of a country house is disturbed by the arrival of the estates tyrannical owner and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


August torrent reviews

Johnny W (es) wrote: The fight scenes were great they were like 10 mins the ending credit scene was great and funny too I recommend you watch this

WS W (mx) wrote: Absurd: no matter of story, writing & acting. Believe nobody really cares since this is not what they were looking for from this one.

Sylvester E (ag) wrote: Believe it or not, I really liked this film.

Aleks d (br) wrote: Most underrated film I've seen in years. The film is not science fiction, but a tale of exploring the human heart.

Roxsy T (ca) wrote: Shattered Lives was cool to watch for one reason-- those creepy clown dolls! In the beginning I almost turned it off because it starts in a motel where a bunch of drunk teenagers are being murdered by a masked slasher... I can't bare watching one more slasher flick it's like they're all the same anymore but with different masks. The opening scene was fun to watch just no where near original but after the opening scene you're suddenly taken to another story where a little girl lives with her parents and mom is seemingly unhappy with daddy. The little girl realizes her mother doesn't love her or her father anymore when the mother kisses another man and invites the man over to the house while the father is at work and the little girl is home. The way this little girl deals with her mother's infidelty is by taking advice from her creepy clown dolls and believe me... they are CREEPY. The clowns finally convince the girl to kill her own mother leaving the girl and her father to live happily ever after until he dies in a car accident and the little girl (now a teenager) wants revenge to which we go back to the opening scene of the film. Though they tried to make it one big story it felt like two stories widely spread apart. I'm nuetral on this film. I don't hate but I don't love it either.

Robert H (au) wrote: Brendan Gleeson is great in this. I think we all know more about Churchill during this period than before or after the war, so it wasn't that interesting...but entertaining due to Gleeson's performance.

Cassandra L (nl) wrote: This is the best horror movie ever. 2 thumbs up

Mark K (jp) wrote: A very awkward movie.

Chloe C (fr) wrote: my favourite character's Yang-Yang :)

Farshid K (au) wrote: i had seen this italian romantic comedy back in '01 when just released and enjoyed it. just watched it again and i think i liked it even more now. great film. it's about not being afraid of a new start no matter how late and against the odds. it's also about chance and randomness of our world. very romantic. very timely -- for valntine's and more.

Tricia T (ca) wrote: Vince's laugh in this alone is worth a watch. Barney was the best. He should've been utilized more. Could've made the ending better...But Good Casting. i wish i cared a little more about this story or the characters. credibility was lacking. Even just a little bit of work on the script. I'm no FBI agent but I HAVE watched The Wire twice and there were too many "I can't believe this..." moments for me. i do like a clean noir comedy though. And having lived in Montana it was nice to see the backdrop. That was legit.

Jack G (br) wrote: gets that rating cause some of it is just really stupid-funny, plus it has a frog-crab puppet that is quite amazing. But it also doesn't do any favors to Peter David's script, which is only halfway decent anyway. Thankfully George Takei is there to partly save the day, if only for his scenes.

Mac v (it) wrote: Buenisima. Me cayeron super bien los marcianillos. A mi juicio, esta mejor que la de Mars Invaders.

Wade T (fr) wrote: I loved this movie when I was in high school. And wow! Joaquin is in it!

Felipe F (gb) wrote: Steven Spielberg masterfully crafts a prequel that retains the technical prowess, the sly humour and the action of the first one.

ChadPoop G (jp) wrote: not bad, just unnecessary

Jason V (ca) wrote: I really like this series of movies.I think I saw all of them, but not totally sure, as I saw the old ones only when I was a child.I just saw this 1 again on TV.I don't think it's the best, but it's a good family's comedy anyways.A big part of the movie's in Paris, before they start the race to Monte Carlo.So, I saw (and didn't remember he was in, as I didn't know him when I saw it so many years ago) a french actor I like a looot. It's the excellent Grard Jugnot. Sad that he doesn't have a biggest role in the movie.Herbie is moving, funny, amazing! It's a good idea of movie they had in 1966.

Rob N (ca) wrote: A linguistics professor who specializes in heiroglyphics is drawn into a crazy spy-game, never quite sure who is on his side and who is against him until the very end. Most of the story involves a variety of characters trying to chase down a coded message and threatening to kill Gregory Peck, except that they all need him alive to decode the message. Sophia Loren is brilliant as she plays the good guys and bad guys against each other all the way through.

Farsheed F (kr) wrote: Three Words, Mind Numbing Action. Stupid fun, but lacks in a coherent plot and acting is sub par from most of these legends.