Augustas lilla felsteg

Augustas lilla felsteg

Augusta (Dagmar Ebbesen) and her man receives a letter from the countryside one day therein her come-by-chance daughter Lisa announces her arrival to Stockholm. During the travel Lisa befriends Holger (Thor Modéen) whom makes her company to her mother and step father.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:1933
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

Augusta (Dagmar Ebbesen) and her man receives a letter from the countryside one day therein her come-by-chance daughter Lisa announces her arrival to Stockholm. During the travel Lisa befriends Holger (Thor Modéen) whom makes her company to her mother and step father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (fr) wrote: This is by no means perfect. It is confusing at times, but at least it wasn't as predictable as I feared it was going to be. Katie Cassidy is amazing in this! Unfortunately, there are a few script and pacing problems that will most likely ruin it for some people. I have not read the graphic novel that this is based on, but it certainly gave me the urge to go find it!

Jacob D (au) wrote: Just because there's flaws doesn't mean it's a bad movie and in this case the flaws don't overpower the quality of the movie.

William C (kr) wrote: Grade:Low 8/10This Is England is a strong drama about skinheads and the affect it'smembers can have on youth and other such things. The drama is strongbut the ride is worth it making you think long and hard and reallyponder what can turn humanity to certain things and what some peoplewere like in the near past and even today. I felt as many others didthat the film was very good, I think some will absolutely love thisfilm, it isn't enjoyable(that is the wrong word), it is a moving drama,and here's why I think it was a very good one of that.The story is a good pace and doesn't really drag at any points intruth, by the end you think about what you have seen and if you trulywatched it then it should make you think about how crazy some peoplewere in this film, and all the way through you can kind of get annoyedwith how some people in this are manipulated so easily and forced tojoin sides. With some fun characters in the lighter moments, the filmmakes for a sweet main plot with the main character Shaun, but a darkand very dark of that vein with Combo, truly worth a watch if only forthem two.The acting is good and Stephen Graham as the maniac of a skinhead Combois great and although doesn't dominate the rest of the cast, probablygives the best performance. I felt the entire main gang are good and dothere job really well throughout, with quirky people and angry peopleit makes for good balance that can shock the viewer. To say the cast ismainly from TV work they do an excellent job in transition to such agood drama, truly worth a watch as I say.Shane Meadows directs this well with some great well directing andmoves the entire cast round really well. Meadows also writes it welland basically creates the wide variety of characters we see withhauntingly brilliant vision. I loved the location as it is based on aworking class estate and they find some brilliant places coupled withbrilliant shots too really show off the surroundings and even someshots and editing skills make the characters move so well and it allflows together nicely.Any bad things, I felt that although no real criticism comes in, youcould always argue it sometimes turns from really light moments to darkmoments in a click and that certain characters are just over the topcrazy. I can't really prove that but hey, it is up to you the viewer todecide truly what you thought about it so maybe you can find any majorcriticisms.I think those who are from these kind of background will enjoy it, andespecially those from the 80's who I feel will love the nostalgic joyride. I think for those who like good drama will enjoy and people wholove darker tone films with a sprinkle of funny moments will also enjoythe parallel genres. If you dislike swearing and a lot of violence orracism in a film, then avoid it because it is full of it, it is key tothe plot for it to be there but just a heads up to those who dislikeit.Overall a low 8/10 meaning it is Safely Very Good, I felt some will think thisis great, and others will dislike it for it's tones but it should beliked by the majority I would guess. Think about the messages this filmportrays, and if you are from England like myself, you will see thatyou can feel shocked that this kind of thing was around not long ago.

Sam S (au) wrote: I was invited to a screening of Zerophilia at Westwood Crest Theatre November 16, 05 in the LA area and it was great to see the theatre packed. It's a romantic comedy with a twist. The audience loved it. I'm not one to laugh easily at films, but, this one had me laughing out loud a lot. I hope these guys get distribution. The theatre was packed and everyone was clapping and smiling at the end. You could tell by the faces that everyone loved it. I went in without knowing a thing about the premise line and never looked at the trailer. It took me by complete surprise. A cute movie that really does a great job of highlighting love for a person no matter what the gender is. It's a great comic fantasy. With a twist I'd never thought of. You are what you are! Good job...;)

Emily S (kr) wrote: My absolute favorite

bill s (kr) wrote: A C grade fatal Attraction.

J K (br) wrote: A great cast but I think this is a romance. Bleh

Adam P (jp) wrote: I'm not sure why no one except me loves this movie, but it is actually really well-done

Zach L (au) wrote: A nice prsych thriller. He plays the supposedly crazy man , who insterts inside a family and preses them to do a series of stupid tasks . But the reality is in the end ! (watch the movie ...)

Gaylon W (br) wrote: Classic Hip/Hop movie..

Zhanyi J (gb) wrote: An okay movie, Truffaut has done better

John E (br) wrote: Fritz Lang keeps the tension high as our poor unassuming professor stupidly becomes ensnared in what ends up being a fictional foray into the sordid world of blackmail and murder. Scarlet Street is better than this, because Robinson's character is even more tragically hornswoggled into stepping outside his comfort zone, and it seems more convincing that he follows Joan Bennett around. In this movie, it is stupidly impetuous of him to do the things he does; the ending does not help things either (it's all a dream my ass). But because "it's all a dream" *rolls eyes* there are some marvelously clever libidinous references sprinkled throughout the movie to signify our hapless hero's suppressed urges and desires. For that, Lang is to be commended. For the ending, he should have a pie thrown in his face. Scarlet Street is this movie done even better, but this movie is a great exercise in noir until the unfortunately vanilla ending.

Tim M (it) wrote: "A script that drums out loudly its themes of loyalty, honor and revenge." Director of "Punisher: War Zone" does a great job capturing Wood on his trip from Harvard to Hooligan courtesy of Hunnam .

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: Some dilapidated castle in Ireland seeks to renovate its image but selling to thrill-seeking Yankees the possibility that it may be a haunted castle. There's lots here that's good, Jordan most at home with the particularly Irish elements of the tale (O'Toole is great as the hapless castle owner) but there's one thing that's bad: Steve Guttenberg, and not because of Guttenberg himself. No. Its his part, his lines. Its as if the character was written for another movie, with no part in this one. The rest was okay stuff.

Ca H (ru) wrote: Some aspects of this movie are really fun to watch: mostly the dialogue between the three men feels actually quite natural and funny. The key romantic relationships are also quite enjoyable. However the premise is just annoying and fairly simplistic and other attempts at humour felt completely flat to me. I like the idea of presenting male vulnerability but it was so basic and unoriginal. I really like Miles Tellor but this film was not one I would want to see again.

Felipe F (de) wrote: Wes Anderson deftly pulls together a beautiful, well-written script with a marvellous cast - led by strong work from Gene Hackman - and the result is a piercing and entertaining dramedy.

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