Augustas lilla felsteg

Augusta (Dagmar Ebbesen) and her man receives a letter from the countryside one day therein her come-by-chance daughter Lisa announces her arrival to Stockholm

During the travel Lisa befriends Holger (Thor Modéen) whom makes her company to her mother and step father. Augusta (Dagmar Ebbesen) and her man receives a letter from the countryside one day therein her come-by-chance daughter Lisa announces her arrival to Stockholm

Augustas lilla felsteg is the best funny movie of Alexa. The released year of this movie is 1933. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, for example Dagmar Ebbesen, Arthur Fischer, Siegfried Fischer, Rut Holm, Hugo Jacobsson, Nils Jacobsson, Thyra Leijman-Uppström, Thor Modéen, Werner Ohlson, Edvard Persson, Aino Taube. Movie' genres are General. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 5.1 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie torrents. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Adam P (jp)

I'm not sure why no one except me loves this movie, but it is actually really well-done

bill s (kr)

A C grade fatal Attraction

Ca H (ru)

I really like Miles Tellor but this film was not one I would want to see again. I like the idea of presenting male vulnerability but it was so basic and unoriginal. However the premise is just annoying and fairly simplistic and other attempts at humour felt completely flat to me. The key romantic relationships are also quite enjoyable. Some aspects of this movie are really fun to watch: mostly the dialogue between the three men feels actually quite natural and funny

Daniella A (gb)

total waste of time. Love seems to be a perpetual and treacly dance, vanishing in a likewise stupid way. Postcard-style photography. unbearably dumb, pretending to be inspiring

Emily S (kr)

My absolute favorite

Felipe F (de)

Wes Anderson deftly pulls together a beautiful, well-written script with a marvellous cast - led by strong work from Gene Hackman - and the result is a piercing and entertaining dramedy

Gaylon W (br)

. Classic Hip/Hop movie

J K (br)

leh. A great cast but I think this is a romance

Jacob D (au)

Just because there's flaws doesn't mean it's a bad movie and in this case the flaws don't overpower the quality of the movie

John E (br)

Scarlet Street is this movie done even better, but this movie is a great exercise in noir until the unfortunately vanilla ending. For the ending, he should have a pie thrown in his face. For that, Lang is to be commended. But because "it's all a dream" *rolls eyes* there are some marvelously clever libidinous references sprinkled throughout the movie to signify our hapless hero's suppressed urges and desires. In this movie, it is stupidly impetuous of him to do the things he does; the ending does not help things either (it's all a dream my ass). Scarlet Street is better than this, because Robinson's character is even more tragically hornswoggled into stepping outside his comfort zone, and it seems more convincing that he follows Joan Bennett around. Fritz Lang keeps the tension high as our poor unassuming professor stupidly becomes ensnared in what ends up being a fictional foray into the sordid world of blackmail and murder