Aunt Clara

Aunt Clara

A wealthy old man dies and leaves his holdings--including a brothel and a gambling den, racing greyhounds and a sleazy bar--to his eccentric Aunt Clara. Clara vows to "clean up" her new establishments, but complications ensue when she visits the crooked gambling den--just as it's being raided by the police.

A wealthy old man dies and leaves his holdings--including a brothel and a gambling den, racing greyhounds and a sleazy bar--to his eccentric Aunt Clara. Clara vows to "clean up" her new ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordan P (ca) wrote: If you're into weird and no reason movies then watch this. I enjoyed it though it was a little weird and actors who weren't very good. But there is Shia LaBeouf!

Dixon M (us) wrote: Southern Baptist Sissies takes on a tricky subject and handles it nicely. The play is very well written, never making the easy choice of parody. Instead, Southern Baptist Sissies is populated by real characters: people I have known. The church pastor and members are sincere. They are, perhaps, attached to dogma that could be examined more thoroughly, but they are not hypocrites. The pastor's polemics are real. The sermon fragments in the play are words I heard frequently as a Southern Baptist youth. There are dialogs in the play that illustrate how Southern Baptists emphasize Bible verses that condemn homosexuality while ignoring adjacent scriptures on other subjects, but this is done artfully. The film does not come across as preachy. This is accomplished in part by using two long-lapsed Southern Baptists, Peanut (Leslie Jordan) and Odette (Dale Dickey), to provide comic relief when things start to get serious. It's a great technique. The film uses a laugh track to tell the audience where the jokes are. I wish this had not been the choice. I think the audience is more intelligent than this indicates, and the laughs in the laugh track sometimes didn't fit the humor (guffaws for a joke that deserved a chuckle).The film also sometimes used disturbing imagery to illustrate the intersection of religion and sexuality. While these images had shock value, they will offend many. I think this may lessen the film's effectiveness. All-in-all, this was a very good film, and well worth my time. It is a pity that it is unlikely to reach an audience of active Southern Baptists. I have never seen a film that more effectively portrays someone like me: a former Southern Baptist who bears the denomination no ill will but who can never go there again.

Jason K (es) wrote: a nice fuck you to Hollywood assholes who think shooting remakes is what cinema has come to

Lucas Y (jp) wrote: David O'Russell's finest work. One of the best flawed character story tellers. And although there are a lot of characters, he manages to develop the important one's with no trouble. Smart, funny, well acted and always makes me tear up at the end. Silver Linings is excellent.

Margaret K (au) wrote: haha i cant believe ive seen this

Matthew A (ag) wrote: An inspiring story of a sheep who learns his true self from a jackalope.

Alexander H (gb) wrote: The film is very important showing the parallels to the orgy of consumption that happens just before every major conflict and creates hunger for wars. As a university student in the UK, i feel our orgy of drugs, sex and constant clubbing is preempt before a major conflict, in history their is always an acceleration of wealth and consumption before a conflict happens, i can see parallels with modern day cycles.

joshua b (jp) wrote: Despite the fact that the film's premise hinges on a big plot occurrence at the start of the film, one I could probably have expected had I known anything about the story going in, I was genuinely surprised by the turn this film took right away. I'm not sure what I was expecting -- from the cover art, probably a maudlin romantic comedy, and it is kind of that. But it is a far different, more modest and gentle story than most others of its kind. Return to Me is the directorial debut of actress Bonnie Hunt, who also wrote and plays a supporting role in the film. Maybe because she is herself an actor, or maybe because the two leads here, David Duchovny and Minnie Driver, are almost inherently demure in their acting styles, the performances that comprise the central relationship are sweet, and the relationship becomes all the more engaging because it feels so charmingly awkward. There is a strong supporting cast of quirky characters and while beyond that first big plot device there is little of consequence in terms of story, it is actually refreshing that the relationship has room to breathe. This is a film that surprised me, in a good way.

Nathan A (mx) wrote: It's a lovely movie!

Kyle B (de) wrote: Good way to kick of Halloween week; probably haven't seen this for 15 years

Janne K (au) wrote: The part where's like 5 minutes of stingray and Rothrock doing poses with their weapons is so f**king awsome. That part made the whole movie. It is just that good.

Louis P (it) wrote: funny as hell, good cheesy campiness

Jimmy S (br) wrote: Uh, not the best movie but one of my sentamental favorites.

Jacob E (ca) wrote: Billy Wilder shows that he can do comedy too.

Davey M (br) wrote: It's definitely one of the weakest (and most dated) entries in the Val Lewton canon, but there's still some good stuff here--a few delightfully (and darkly) funny bits, and a very good performance (did he give any other kind?) from Karloff.

Tim M (de) wrote: A highly entertaining and funny adventure. The team of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Natascha Wharton hit another home run. This is satire at its best. Final Score: 8.8/10

Andrew M (nl) wrote: Robots is an adventurous and hilarious movie. This movie is decent overall. It has a pretty good plot and it has some awesome actors and actresses starring in this movie. I would suggest this movie.