A family of policemen and a family of gangsters. To bring down a criminal, the law will have to think like a criminal.

A cop goes undercover into a gangster's family as his son. This sets in place a chain reaction of complications and increasingly uncontrollable events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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April N (fr) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. I'm getting to the point where I enjoy a "message" movie more than blood, guts, hacking, and the in-your-face over-handed films. I liked the premise of the movie, and found myself rewinding quite a few times.

John Joseph M (ru) wrote: A coming of age story, nicely acted with some surprising plot twists and turns. It's not easy viewing at times but worth a look.

Jonathan K (kr) wrote: Just stick to the rap snoop

Lie L (nl) wrote: Love this film. Two of my favorite actors, Martin Sheen and Shirley Henderson, using their wonderful acting abilities to portray a disorder that is quite personal to me. Absolutely love Charlotte (henderson)!

Paul M (de) wrote: Superb acting by Lindsay Lohan and Jaime Lee Curtis, many funny moments as both mother and daughter learn to realize not only the difficulties each other faces but also how they themselves are perceived by others.

Jack L (us) wrote: One of Tim Burton's finest and most original ideas live on in this movie and Keaton being the star role, completely steals the show. Amazing!

Ms Amanda J (au) wrote: Pretty good road movie. Kenny Rogers juggles six children. Worth watching for a young Diane Lane. "Her name is Breezy." Breezy: "It's Heather!"

Bill T (us) wrote: VERY slow moving movie about a band of criminals that rob a cache of gold, then move off into the Dakota wilderness to wait for their flight to Canada. Little do they know they have disturbed.. THAT'S RIGHT! THE BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE! Bad acting and directing and editing all around, the only thing that saves it is the beast's lair, which the makers of Alien may have picked up on. The ending is amusing, because it just ends abruptly, no time to dwell upon it, just go! Not at all worth your time.

Malin S (au) wrote: one of my favorite movies of all time

Robbie C (nl) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. I'm,not a fan of dc animated films but this one for the most part was thoroughly enjoyable.. the origin style of justice league is on point and yes a lot of story but enough action to make up for it..

kyle o (ag) wrote: Every body is a critic, I loved this movie. in its time it was a look into what could happen to the world if GLOBAL WARMING took a nasty turn,. i liked this movie

Petros S (fr) wrote: The best movie version of Chauser's famous work.