Aurat Per Ki Juti Nahin Hai

Aurat Per Ki Juti Nahin Hai


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Aurat Per Ki Juti Nahin Hai torrent reviews

Vincent S (kr) wrote: Not great, but I believe that it's only one good action movie for Steven Seagal. Thanks for two villain actors - Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey - to give a great performance.

Anthony C (it) wrote: i really enjoyed it. Joe pesci was very funny and marissa tomei was hot

Boris M (it) wrote: I thought I was gonna watch a movie about a subway gangsters or something. Turns out I wasn't too wrong about that lol. Great movie that is quite unique. A master piece.

Ken A (us) wrote: won't attempt to review this film until i have a better grasp of cinema. simply genius.

Brad S (us) wrote: Classic 1931 French film from Rene Clair is quite amusing and has moments of inspired brilliance. there was even a lawsuit against Charlie Chaplin as the Production Company claimed he ripped off some scenes for "Modern Times". Worth watching for comedy or classic film fans.

Wayne K (it) wrote: A truly brutal and gripping cinematic experience, Lone Survivor may be brazenly gung-ho and jingoistic, not to mention somewhat anti-climactic, but it delivers a metric tonne of thrills and contains one of the most intense and bloodiest gun fights I've ever seen in a film. It might stretch the suspension of disbelief a little too much at times, with our heroes surviving not 1 but fatal-looking cliff falls, but the excitement comes from the fact that it puts you right in the action, and you feel everything. Every bullet, every kick, every punch and every single thing the protagonist crash into. It's a bleak as Hell depiction of the savagery of war and just how strong the will to survive truly is. It's not a masterpiece, and many movies have been made with a more complex and compelling message on war, but for its sheer amount of heart-pounding action, scenes, it's definitely worth at least one watch.