Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

A young man struggles to correct his life after the death of his father.

A troubled young man struggling to right himself after the premature death of his father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sheri J (es) wrote: I am not surprised by the critics of this film. Individualistic cultures, like ours, cannot separate the drive to find authenticity from being self absorbed. We see success as having a "good" job, making a large paycheck, and having a bunch of junk. We "medicate our suffering" in order not to deal with it. In turn, we create bigger monsters that take bigger weapons to "cure." Rocky's desperate journey to prove to himself that the life most American's live is not all there is to living brought him full circle to what really matters (because it was what was missing) - love. He gave of himself, to those in desperate need, what he felt was never given to him. He rejected chasing after empty happiness and leaped for what he knew in his heart to be authentic joy. I wish I could do the same.

Stephen H (it) wrote: if ur into gritty ,grimey,dirty london drama this is it! Mix it with the blackest,darkest humour u can get & u will luv this film.Danny Dyer is as always one of London's finest in my cockney actor book...up there with Ray Winstone & Jason Statham (for comedy), I guarantee u'll want a bath to feel clean after this gritty adventure.

Private U (de) wrote: Un tres bon biopic avec un Sylvie Testud magistrale. Je comprends la comparaison avec Marion Cotillard en Edith Piaf... et les paris sur un Cesar de la meilleure actrice. J'ai quand meme eu peur au debut vu le (sur)jeu des acteurs. Quelle destinee!

Bradford M (es) wrote: Rain Man without Dustin Hoffman.

Ashley M (ca) wrote: I know it's not real but it's based on the real thing such sad film #rip911

Susan M (br) wrote: This movie is beautiful to watch, but it's also heartbreaking. Everyone has written about the obvious theme of family blood feuds and senseless violence, but there are is another theme that I haven't seen anyone else mention. Without too much of a spoiler, someone makes the ultimate sacrifice for love, and that theme redeems the film more than anything.Additional themes are child poverty and neglect, and educational neglect.

Karey H (de) wrote: It was pretty good. It was a really disturbing film, though.

balakrishna h (kr) wrote: truly family love story in a polite way.........................

Kate H (nl) wrote: This probably suffered a bit for me because I knew the film's ending well before going in being as it's a classic and one that I've heard lots about. That being said the film is a classic for a reason and it is a very well done film. The realisation that Saskia is missing and then steps from logical searching to panicked wishing for fingerprints to be looked for on currency is some of the best acting and sequencing I've seen.

W W (de) wrote: An enjoyable, light-hearted comedy. Nicoletta Braschi is stunning as Maria.

deep d (nl) wrote: An underrated Altman film starring Carol Burnett, Lauren Bacall and Glenda Jackson. Worth checking out.

Kiger J (gb) wrote: foster looks amazing as a girl and cherie currie of the runaways was cool.

David S (jp) wrote: So they took my favorite book of all time, and made it into a film. And they gave us this nonsense? It's a completely different story. Probably the worst book-to-film adaptation of all time. This rubbish they gave us on screen was ludicrous. The entire purpose of the book's message (anti-war) is gone, mildly replaced with a few religious stabs here and there. I'm sorry, but that was NOT Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun. Very disheartening to see so many absurd changes. Even the smallest of details are changed to serve no purpose whatsoever. I hope watching this doesn't ruin my joy for the book that I pick up every few years and read again. Shame shame.

Carter G (us) wrote: The Conjuring uses old school scares and camerawork to potentially terrify viewers. One of the very few modern horror movies that does not rely on cheap jump scares or tricks to frighten you. The camerawork is great in this movie, often lingering on whatever horrifying creature is on the screen instead of quickly cutting away or having something pop out at you. The Conjuring manages to build suspense very well leading to a heart-thumping pay off that is fast-paced and intense. The acting is pretty good across the board, there wasn't really one actor that stood out to me as being very good or bad. The script is fine, other than the occasional cheesy line here or there (Ex: during the middle of Carolyn's exorcism, Roger Perron asks "Are you okay?") and a few horror cliches. I also had a problem with Annabelle, who seemed to only be in this movie for the purpose of making a sequel. Other than that, I found minimal problems with The Conjuring, and if you're looking for a modern day horror movie that uses classic scares, this is for you.