Aurora: Operation Intercept

Aurora: Operation Intercept

There have been two mysterious plane crashes in only 48 hours. The aircraft suddenly lose control and crash, killing everyone aboard. A woman of Russian descent, Francesca Zaborszin, the daughter of a slain Federal investigator, claims responsibility for the crashes. She believes her father was killed by the FBI as part of a cover-up operation and wishes to avenge his death by threatening to down more aircraft using the same electromagnetic pulse method. She also intends to crash a stolen military jet into the White House. There's no time to ground the planes: just enough time to try to stop her.

There have been two mysterious plane crashes in only 48 hours. The aircraft suddenly lose control and crash, killing everyone aboard. A woman of Russian descent, Francesca Zaborszin, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh P (it) wrote: While nothing too special, it gets the point across.

rick r (fr) wrote: 9 Days comes from writer director Samuel M. Jackson and stars Maura Murphy, Chris Schleicher, Simone Fraund, David Alan Graf and Jennifer Lawrence (don't be quick on that last name it is a very "minor" part). Anyway the story is a modern perverse spin on Dante's Inferno that deals in the world of art-house meets torture-porn. To escape her abusive foster home, headstrong 18-year-old Danielle Hitches a Ride with an affable psycho who calls himself Virgil and has an axe to grind against women based on his warped religious beliefs. She realizes she hasn't quite found her knight in shining armor when she awakens half-naked, chained to a post in Virgil's basement. As Virgil, puts Danielle through a sadistic "moral cleansing" of debauched torture sessions that could kill her at any moment, she must choose either to fight back or to become as inhuman and deranged as Virgil himself. What Virgil doesn't know is that Danielle may be more than up to the challenge of his psychotic head games.9 Days is a pretty decent film that focuses more on character relations and suspenseful drama. Most of the terror involved comes from the surrealistic yet organic setting of the film and the simple fact that a psycho lures young girls to his home and sets out to torture them into a better way of life. In some serial circles this is probably a great "date-movie". Schleicher's Virgil is a fun demented kind of crazy which makes you like his type of sinister sh*t but I found Murphy's Danielle a bit inconceivable in her role. I had to push the fact that she looked more 28 than 18 from my mind to appreciate the character's story. However I never really believed she ever feared for her life or was anything but mildly aroused by her captor. That being said Murphy did give a straight performance and was able to draw enough of the character out for me to enjoy the movie. It is a dark off-beat portrayal that rides heavy on melodrama with some really raw yet minimal violence. Toward the middle of the film I did find myself drifting off in thought but I came back to the story as it neared day nine. That is when the story gets stimulating once more. There is not much of a high intensity to the film instead riding a steady psychological antagony. I saw this film as more of a story about "how to pick up chicks in Hell" anti- romantic drama as opposed to a tense thrilling story of torture and survival.

Jenn T (us) wrote: Not too much, they tried with the cast though.

Jeff S (fr) wrote: Pretty funny at parts and carried by Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone

Spookie M (ru) wrote: Not bad. The script had too many moments where the dialogue was completely unbelievable. Performances were ok.

Pourya E (ag) wrote: One of my most anticipated movies of the year didn't quite meet the expectations. Thematically solid, an intellectual satyr about the pretentiousness of the art world with Goldberg perfect for the role of the misunderstood artist. Even though the intellectual dialogs were there there wasn't enough edge and wit to smoothen the pace and pons.

Eric R (gb) wrote: Models is a rather bizarre film, which essentially follows the everyday lives of three models who pine for fame and fortune in the modeling game. The first thing that jumped out at me about this film is Uldrich Seidl's use of wide, steady voyeurist shot compositions which really do aid in creating a documentary type feel which really works for this film. We are shown a slice of life type film from a very cynical man who has a rather negative viewpoint on the daily social scene of modern life. We witness everything in their lives from the casual conversations to their sexual escapades it it all feels so damn real. These characters talk about their wants and desires but Seidl's wide angles show loneliness in these characters. I have a lot of trouble quantifying this film, but for me it really spoke to the selfishness and vanity which plagues our society, but I really need to watch this one a few more times to grasp it. Hell, being that this is my third Ulrich Seidl flick, I still can't decide if I even like him or not....

Sundown T (nl) wrote: This is a great family movie. We watch it as often as we can.

Khurram A (ag) wrote: A cool movie with descent action...

Curtis M (it) wrote: A wonderful look at the true king of rock'n roll, Chuck Berry. And what's better than seeing Chuck Berry play live? Seeing Chuck Berry play live being backed by Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Johnny Johnson and other amazing musicians. Intercuts to interviews and practices give the film a lot more depth, and it's great to hear people like Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and Bruce Springsteen talk with so much respect about Chuck.

Grant S (es) wrote: A bit more coherent that the average Fellini movie. Not that it says much.Starts interestingly enough. For a while I thought the movie might actually have a decent plot. For a brief moment it almost seemed Shakespearean. Then it fell apart.It degenerated into a series of random events, and parallel "stories" (for lack of a better word).So, while having more of a plot than most Fellini movies, this is all very relative.

Allen G (nl) wrote: One of the most powerful documentaries that I've ever seen- 'Deliver Us From Evil' is up there with the greats from the likes of Herzog and Morris. Amy Berg delivers something unforgettable here. Anger, shock, horror, fear - all just some of the feelings that this movie will put you through. The involvement of O'Grady in the film takes it to new, nauseating, levels and yet it still seems to avoid becoming overly-sensationalised. This is the story of a 'monster' and, as always, that monster is really a human being and that's the scariest thing of all.

oliver s (au) wrote: No interesting story at all.

Ben C (ca) wrote: Don't expect something that looks like the poster, you will go in disappointed. Instead, the audience gets an awful paper mache dragon(?) that really brings the movie down from it's already low rating no thanks to it's awful acting and blood.

Andrs R (jp) wrote: There's always a way to find happiness and this movie shows how much you can change if you find the right person, i must say that i really liked this movie, maybe it's not the greatest movie of all times but it sure has something amazing to offer and it's up to you to understand the message of this film.