Auschwitz is a hard-hitting war film which shows life as it really was at the death camp.

Controversial director Uwe Boll depicts the harsh reality of the process inside one of the most infamous Nazi death camps by using brutally realistic imagery. Book-ended by documentary ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Auschwitz torrent reviews

Zahid C (ru) wrote: Day: ThursdayDate: 25 Sep 2014Time: 10.00 pmWith: MaaOn: HDTV

Jiri B (ag) wrote: A melodrama that's missing spark and energy. Bogged down with too much detail.

Stacks A (mx) wrote: there's some nice looking women in this1too make it a little better but other then that. this movie is trash!!!!!

Marc C (nl) wrote: I had no expectation for this movie. It came in a horror triple set for 3. At 1 per movie your expectations can only be low. As it turned out, it was better produced and better acted than i'd expected. It's got some surreal moments and some gut wrenching gore. Certain scenes have stuck in my head and whilst the explanation for what's happening is not really forthcoming ultimately it doesn't matter, because what's they've made is an entertaining movie. If you like horror and you like horror that tries to think outside the box then you could do a lot worse with 90 minutes of your time. Recommend

Christiana H (it) wrote: I REALLY hated this movie

Mauricio A (ag) wrote: This is an interesting film for different reasons. On one hand, it can be extremely dry and at times bordering on boring, especially during the "steakout" parts of the documentary. However the parts in which it discusses the MPAA's borderline schizophrenic logic when rating films, the repercussions on the industry, profitability and storytelling as a whole are fascinating. They illuminate the underlining strong religious and sexist bias still found at the very center of not only Hollywood but the USA as a whole. Since the MPAA serves as guard dogs and gate keepers of America's so-called morality... which is something that to be honest, needs, nay, requires an update ASAP.It is worth watching for the information.

Sally W (ru) wrote: I loved this movie. Scenery is amazing. The story was fresh and multi-faceted. Tim Dekay is a favorite of mine, and now Arye Gross is too! I was entranced by Eric Schweig and loved his character. The gay theme is very subtle, intregral, and tastefully done.

Adam D (jp) wrote: a very good legal drama movie with some comedy and a very famous ending.

James B (ca) wrote: very good, very interesting, and probably as honest as was possible.

Doug C (it) wrote: A defeat the evil Nazis noir.

Tatsuhito K (au) wrote: Stylish, energetic, and highly clever, Inside Man is damn entertaining.

Nico B (nl) wrote: This is my favourite movie of all time and I think everyone should watch this movie.

Austin G (es) wrote: The story has been taken from bits and pieces of other movies and put together to make this movie... much like a robot, coincidentally.

Nhayelli A (ag) wrote: art direction is somewhat impressive.

Daniel D (ag) wrote: I'm not a big Paul Verhoeven fan, or a fan of Sharon Stone's acting. However, it's nice to see Ironside as the villain and Arnie doing his thing. Enjoyable movie.

Ryan S (mx) wrote: It's hard to go wrong with the brilliant tales of Ed Allan Poe narrated by such talented people, but yet this ensemble of anthology shorts seems messy and disjointed, holding the film back overall.