During a pogrom in Poland on the eve of World War I, a group of Jews seek refuge from the Cossacks.

Set in the Polish Galicia in 1914, on the eve of World War I. Three nationalities are living in the area: Polish, Ukrainian and Jewish. The country inn (Austeria in Galician) is run by an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse M (mx) wrote: Yeah it a bad movie. but there have cute character l enjoy , animation look nice done but by more complain group has so literality transition the movie is supposed to be. and l pretty hard compulsive This movie is a mess. L had good and wrong of this, this animation is decent, 3D is well done but the story has too much plot focus character there pretty wonder off. lm not sayin there bad like l enjoy first one. and l didn't could relate the sequels.

Michiah c (ru) wrote: how do I get to watch it

Grant K (au) wrote: This film is so real in its images of everyday life for an average young Chinese guy out in the provinces...a lot of hanging around, smoking cigerettes, dreaming of that elusive girl with a lot of boredom in between. Just a bit too much of this mundane-ness translated into this movie for my liking. It sent me to sleep.

Retlaw L (kr) wrote: al fin me vi esta tontera, todo lo que puedo decir

Laura D (fr) wrote: Love this movie! Funny, oddball, yes, but endearing. The characters all stand well on their own - and the scene between Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken is priceless!

Carlo R (gb) wrote: Bergman nos lleva a recorrer la vida de dos nios y su familia. El ttulo de sta pelcula es Fanny y Alexander, el nombre de los personajes principales, que, a pesar de ello, adquieren protagonismo hasta despus de la primer hora, y es que la versin corta de sta pelcula dura 3 horas. Algo que pude notar, es que pareciera que la cinta est dividida en dos partes, como si fueran dos pelculas, una antes de la muerte del padre de los nios, y otra despus de la misma. sto sin duda permite prolongar el tiempo de duracin sin que el espectador se aburra fcilmente.La historia de "Fanny y Alexander" gira alrededor de los sucesos que ocurren como consecuencia de la muerte del hombre y las reacciones de la familia ante un acontecimiento tan poderoso. sto permite a Bergman explorar ciertos aspectos humanos. Nos muestra la inocencia en la infancia de los nios y cmo es que ciertas situaciones pueden jugar un papel tan importante en la vida de toda persona. El director tambin nos habla acerca de la madurez, el amor y la reflexin, adems de otras oscuras sensaciones como la soledad y el desprecio. Emplea gran parte del tiempo para criticar la severidad, incongruencia e hipocresa de la Iglesia, as como ciertos rasgos caractersticos de la clase social alta, quienes, como se muestra a lo largo del filme, pueden tener dinero, pero eso no los salva de ser imperfectos humanos.Uno de los principales propsitos de Ingmar en esta pelcula es cuestionar la realidad y me parece que lo logra de una manera fenomenal a travs de Alexander y sus visiones.ste es un filme que puede llegar a gustarte o no, dependiendo de lo que ests buscando.

Robert H (ag) wrote: A not so scary, Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque, film that has truly achieved cult status making everyone want Farmer Vincent's Fritters.The film has some nice gory moments, and while the story borrows heavily from TCM there are enough new, interesting and unique elements to keep you enthralled.This is a beaut 80s horror schlock with slapstick comedy workings that firmly plant the film in the hallowed halls of camp classic

Blake P (es) wrote: Joe Pendleton (Montgomery) is slowly rising as a champion boxer, and has just won a big deal match. On the side, Joe is also a pilot AND a saxophone player, and the two don't mix well when he crashes his plane on the way to a fight. He dies and goes to heaven, and there he meets Mr. Jordan (Rains) who is pretty much the master of everybody's fate. It turns out that Joe wasn't supposed to die-- so Mr. Jordan decides to put him inside a selfish millionaire's body, a man who was just murdered by his wife (Johnson) and her lover. If Joe cleans up the millionaire's messes, Mr. Jordan will give him the chance to fight in the championship-- but things get complicated when Joe falls for a beautiful woman (Keyes) who was screwed by the man Joe's using as a body.. "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" is one of the films credited with inspiring both Ernst Lubitsch's version of "Heaven Can Wait" and Warren Beatty's. Unfortunately, this film isn't as good as the other two. Yes, "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" is still good-- it's charming, lighthearted, and entertaining, but the problem is is whatever parts could be satirical or even dark never happen. The biggest issue here is Alexander Hall's direction-- the film remains to be a by-the-numbers '40's film, and considering what a unique idea this film holds, it just be bursting by the seams unique. Unfortunately, that just doesn't happens. We're instead left with a fine, pleasing film-- but ultimately forgettable. At least the performances by all the actors are good. "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" is a decent watch, but it's never as funny as it could be.

Cheryl L (au) wrote: Some characters were slightly annoying, however there were some funny parts and generally a good Christmas movie.

Gareth M (gb) wrote: Quite funny takes piss out of the redneck sport of Nascar & Cohen is funny as the gay french driver