Australia After Dark

Australia After Dark

An exotic world of eroticism, witchcraft, masochism and strange secret places.

An exotic world of eroticism, witchcraft, masochism and strange secret places. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe M (mx) wrote: Decent McCarthy flick with Bateman as her foil. The premise doesn't hold up well, especially as the movie progresses, but there are a laughs and chuckles along the way - but too few to carry the movie.

Stephen C (us) wrote: In previous entries the lie had always snowballed and grown bigger making unbelievable comic drama happen. The lie in this one is so small and useless, the story is boring and the end can be seen 5 minutes into the movie. Lilly and Penny's story were a lot more interesting. The series should have ended with number 3.

Alexia M (nl) wrote: I couldn't figure out how to give 0 stars. This movie is absolute trash. I've never been so disgusted by a movie in my entire life. There weren't even parts that made me chuckle but feel guilty about afterwards, because aside from it being the most offensive thing I've ever seen, it wasn't even remotely clever or humorous. Every actor in it must have the shittiest sense of humor and I feel terrible for all the victims of the "hidden camera" racist sequences. Fuck the people who made this movie and everyone who participated. And to the people who believed it was such a riotous good time, may you rot in hell scumbags.

Brianna E (nl) wrote: I love John Cusack in most things he does...

Ville H (mx) wrote: Damme ei pelasta tt vankilatappelu leffaa

Krystof D (ru) wrote: Beautiful, simple love story.

Landon V (gb) wrote: the second metor movie in 98 following Deep impact come a Michael bay version of deep impact with lots of destruction fun and the song can be likeable adds humor, sex, chaos, add explosion even the title eplodes in the film a perfect example of late 1990s and early 2000 action movies however theres something I don't really like about the film not to worry about 4 stars 81%

Steven M (it) wrote: What a strange film. Is this a sensitive portrayal of misunderstood people of the fringes of society or a dubious approval of the desecration of the dignity of dead people? You can bathe the act in celestial light, and a beatific aura but having sex with corpses is wrong. Puzzling.

Sean C (ru) wrote: Only good with Mike, Tom, and Crow.

TonyPolito (br) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck's star shines bright as desert daylight in this 1950 B&W Western, now Criterion resto-discovery. Stanwyck's the incredibly strong-willed woman that rides herd rough-shod over the family's 1870ish sprawling New Mexico cattle ranch - as well as running her own father (Huston) through an incestuous relationship (veiled just enough to rattlesnake past mid-Century censors) built upon his eerie pining for his dead wife. Meanwhile, Stanwyck has to corral Huston's gold-digging suitor (Anderson) to keep Daddy well roped. On the side, Stanwyck's romping with her childhood sweetheart, the leader of the ranch's Mexican squatters/rustlers (also implied, due to its untimely racial content) who are positioning for clear gunshot at Huston. And Stanwyck's also wooing the dapper saloon-owner (Corey) who's scheming to steal away the ranch for his own - and who happens to be the only man who can turn Stanwyck into a whimpering, submissive school-girl with a mere rap across the face - or so it seems. All Stanwyck's juggling and scheming is toward ensuring the family keeps tight rein over the future that Dad once carved for them out of the scrub-brush. Taken together, it's as much Shakespearean tempest as celluloid can likely hold - and more than enough to fill an entire volume of Freudian analysis. Sourced from a 1948 Niven Busch novel, visionary in its casting of a strong female protagonist within a Western. Stanwyck's stellar dramatic performance - and all the suspenseful twists surrounding who's going to catch lead and who's going to get the deed to the ranch - add up to a solid, smart, top-tier Western only now finding its due, thanks to the efforts of Criterion. Naturally, Criterion has stuffed the disc full with extras. RECOMMENDATION: Worthy viewing.

Ben L (jp) wrote: Originally I saw Colombiana and thought it was a disappointment. On this recent rewatch I'm surprised to find it is not a bad little revenge film. The setup is great and gets us to care about the main character long before Zoe Saldana even steps on the screen, and we find ourselves sympathizing with her because of the opening scene even though she is a dangerous criminal. Perhaps the big flaw in this movie is that the earlier sequences when she is pulling off a hit are more intricate and feel a bit more intense than the finale. Usually you want the revenge kill to be more exciting than the earlier stuff. I still found it satisfying, but nothing quite matched the thrill I felt in that prison sequence. The movie does have some slow parts, and it tries too hard to justify her actions by demonizing her targets. Also, all the romance stuff feels oddly tacked on simply so people can ogle at Saldana, which annoys me. It's not a great film, but nowadays when the revenge thriller has become so popular (a la Taken, John Wick, etc.), I think this was a decent one that people should go back and give a chance.

danela h (mx) wrote: Was ok. There?s better for cheesy 80?s sci-fi.