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Sean G (au) wrote: This is a good addition to Restrepo. Thats basically all it is. Just finishes up the story of these guys. Pretty good film but I thought it wasn't as good as Restrepo.

Jen H (ru) wrote: It was okay--I kind of expect better from Ti West. The most mainstream of Ti West's projects so far, which is exciting but some of the restraint and poise is just gone. This story was as straight-forward as can be.

Chemik B (us) wrote: loved the movie and the actors

Shon C (us) wrote: Angry existential parking lot attendants. Need I say more?

Pete S (kr) wrote: Like Middle Age Crazy and Ode to Billie Joe, Beer for My Horses belongs in that small but not exactly elite company of movies based on hit country songs.

Steven C (mx) wrote: The "Eating Out" series is the gay "American Pie" series. While I have never seen a quality made gay romantic comedy this sequel, to a painfully bad first film, was actually kinda funny. It has some zingy one liners and spirited performances. Sure, it's completely trashy and 100% unrealistic, but that's part of it's charm. "Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds" is a terrible film, but one of the better the gay community has... which honestly isn't saying much. But hey, someone should think about putting Jim Verraros and Rebekah Kochan in an actual film, they are two very charming leads.

Christopher S (kr) wrote: Poetic to all end. Dialog, some what seemingly regular..but it's like a glass cup, You can see it holds more..cast, Pretty great..Just plain good..I can relate.

Sarah E (kr) wrote: Great film! Laurel Holloman was fantastic!

Brian B (it) wrote: It's good to see that Alan Thicke could get work back when Disney cranked out crappy B movies. This is thankfully the last in the Not Quite Human film series.

Paul R (ru) wrote: I saw this movie on a late show as a kid and had nightmares for months after. I always wanted to see it again.

Greg W (fr) wrote: good soaper i liked this

Victor M (fr) wrote: An average psychological drama

Kevin M W (ca) wrote: Capra, with his immigrant's love of the American dream, can easily be criticized as sometimes syrupy but never as simplistic. Here he grapples with no less than updating the tale of the Christ, making a modern day fable (well, as modern as 1941) of one guy sacrificing himself for the greater whole of humanity.Coop is great as the simple man drawn into corruption and seeking redemption. Walter Brennan shines as his friend, a crazy homeless guy and the sanest man in the film, James Gleason is perfect as the common sense common man, and Barbara Stanwyck lights the proceedings as the too smart regular gal, unaware that she needs saving as much as anyone.Just fine, nuanced filmmaking!

Javis C (br) wrote: The movie may be stupid, the problem is that they speak in "caveman" but it is sometimes funny.

Jared L (ca) wrote: Malkovich makes one of the greatest villains of all time going against Eastwood.