An advertising executive, Senthil (Cheran) takes a bunch of wedding invitation cards and travels through places from his past, looking up old friends and lovers. The story, told in flashbacks, takes pieces from the protagonist's his boyhood and youth, and jumps back to the present in each situation. An interesting experiment in Indian cinema, Autograph was surprisingly successful at the box office for an offbeat film. (Overview written by Joyojeet Pal)

Follow Senthil's life through vignettes of his past presented by the people he visits while distributing his marriage invitations. His love life is the aspect in prime focus -- while we are presented with nuggets of other development also. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cory W (de) wrote: If you want a deep story you won't find it here, but if you love the series than you'll love this. My biggest problem was just the lack of importance of some of the supporting characters, like Mustang.

Paul M (fr) wrote: It is certainly not the worst film I have seen by a long shot but if truth be told it is pretty weak and the only reason anyone (well men) would watch it is obvious.

Ryu Z (kr) wrote: demasiado simple la historia.

Julien E (es) wrote: Dans le mme genre que le premier, mais encore plus ennuyant. Dfinitivement, Cocoon n'est pas pour moi.

Gary S (mx) wrote: Standard war movie. Quite a good storyline. Although he did not go out of his way to be liked, I liked the British colonel in charge. He got things done. Captain Bergman appreciated that too.

Marco A (es) wrote: When you have the ability to change the past what would you change. Are you going to be selfish and change something for your own benefit?