Autonagar Surya

Autonagar Surya

Autonagar surya is a Telugu film

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Adam S (ru) wrote: Burns takes the traditional Christmas Family Drama and does something great with it, his Woody Allen approach to Directing is refreshing here and proves he can hang with top Directors.

Mary Frances C (kr) wrote: Bad acting, fake looking ghosts.

Dawn P (mx) wrote: Great direction, but plot leaves much to be desired.

Natalie C (nl) wrote: Not my kind of show.

David K (jp) wrote: Probably my favorite Woody Allen movie. Its points on social classes, love and infidelity is strong and clear and the acting is really good. A very strong Romantic drama

Daniel W (ag) wrote: First gay movie I ever saw. Love story where the nerd gets the high school jock

abdullah a (it) wrote: ITS SOOOOOO FUNNY FILM

Randy B (de) wrote: Brilliant film. While kitchy at times, its both riveting and beautifully filmed. Suberb cinematography and fighting choreography, its no wonder Lee inspired a generation or more with this film.

Chris R (kr) wrote: One of the greatest film's of all time

Thomas K (ag) wrote: It's a complete mess, but it has that furious eye candy rush that Tony Scott was known for, and Knightley is a total badass.

Alexis R (nl) wrote: Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark Movie Review! The Asylum. Home of bad shark movies. This movie shall not be the turning tide.The premise is thus: A megalodon is released from this iceberg these people were transporting to Egypt (for whatever reason). It breaks out (No, really?) and starts its wrath on the world. The military then sends out a mechanized shark/submarine to attack it before it is too late.The story (and its development) is the most convoluted one yet. The mecha shark even turns into a mecha shark tank. But why, though? The movie switches from shark war into just focusing on the mecha shark. Did the movie just give up halfway? It feels as if it did.The acting is average. I expected worse, honestly. Granted, there are many, many problems with the acting. (Especially when people just die for no reason at all and they never show how.)What else can be said about another generically bad The Asylum movie? It has all the trademarks in there. And they all suck. Good night.1 out of 10.