Autumn Tale

Autumn Tale

Magali (Béatrice Romand), forty-something, is a winemaker and a widow: she loves her work but feels lonely. Her friends Rosine (Alexia Portal) and Isabelle (Marie Rivière) both want secretly to find a husband for Magali.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:wedding,   wine,   teacher,  

Magali, 45, is a wine producer in the south of France. She's a widow, and her best friend, Isabelle, decides to find her a new husband. She puts an ad in the local newspaper and finds a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (ca) wrote: A bit over dramatic but well directed and kept my interest until the end

Sheryl B (au) wrote: OMGosh - what a slow and boring ass movie. Corbin needs to go back to doing comedy. Ugh!!

Kc P (gb) wrote: I'm familiar with the story of Natalee Halloway and I don't think this movie really did it justice. No disrespect to her family or anything, I know they've been through a lot. I'm sorry but... this just isn't good, not even for an LMN movie. It's almost like the screen-writers didn't even try.... oh what am I saying? They DIDN'T try... This is a half-assed effort and I have HAD IT with "A (digustingly inaccurate) Lifetime Original Movie: The *insert name here* Story". The acting was pathetic, Tracy Pollan came off as a hammy over-dramatic cheap knockoff of Emily Proctor, but maybe we can chalk that up to bad directing... hmmm, or maybe not. Anyway the pacing was a bit uneven and the dialogue was stiff and almost laughable at times. To be honest I was so bored I ended up changing the channel about halfway through, but I did tune back in just in time to catch the very end... which was heavy handed as hell. Here's a tip, if they want to get their message across, they shouldn't drive their target audience away with cliches. Let's face it people... this is Lifetime we're talking about. We've all seen this movie a million times before, and it's rarely ever done well. They crank these things out practically every friggin week. The good thing about that is that it gives plenty down-on-their-luck actors a chance to find work... hey at least they're getting paid right? It really is a shame. These movies should be compelling but instead most of them are just so bad they're forgettable. So remember kids, don't talk to strangers... or you too could end up having your life turned into a mediocre TV movie.

Jordan C (nl) wrote: put all the comercial together and what do you get!......Meet The Spartans pretty much the whole movie is in the commercials... PSST.... CLOVERFIELD is better

Ri A (ru) wrote: Abhshek's best performance but Kay Kay Menon is totally wasted. I don't understand his hairstyle which doesn't go with his character. No money spent in creating good sets. Good story but director Goldie Behl (sonali bandre's hubby) ruined the whole script.

Vtor M (br) wrote: sem qualquer duvida o verdadeiro "artistic thriller" dramtico quanto baste para o humor irlands no enjoar com banda sonora 5*

Muffin M (gb) wrote: The sexy and witty story of a hard-living, free-thinking, rock-and-roll record producer who finds herself unexpectedly sharing a house with her straight-laced son and his super-conservative bride-to-be. stars Kate Beckinsale, Christian Bale, Frances McDormand, Natascha McElhorne, Alessandro Nivola, Lou Barlow, Russ Pollard and Amaad Wassif. directed by Lisa Cholodenko.

Orlok W (us) wrote: Almodovar beautifully explores love with unique and odd specimens--When silence become eloquence and words medicines... The Manifold Fluidity of the Dance!!

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keegan d (ru) wrote: The Thief and the Cobbler is considered to the longest film ever made. It took master animator Richard William over 30 years to make and was gonna be the greatest animated film of all time, until Miramax took the rights of the project and made it into a panned rip-off of Disney's Aladdin. I was disappointed to see Richard Williams masterpiece coming to the big screen. 13 years later, a fan of Richard Williams managed to puzzle the missing pieces of the greatest animated film that never existed and posted it on Youtube. Will this be the film Richard William wanted to be, or is it as horrible as the Miramax version. The story is a bit similar to Aladdin, but with two street rats instead of one. Its your basic story on the poor street rat being the chosen one and gets the girl at the end. However, it doesn't just focus on that part of the story, it also focuses on the Thief stealing anything that he finds valuable. Not only are there two main characters, but two antagonists too, which are Zigzag and One Eye. The story doesn't really focus on dialogue, it mainly focuses on the animation, which is the best part of the film. The animation is something I have never seen before and is considered very creative and beautiful to watch. the background animation is something that Richard William has been working on for a very long time. Making it look exactly like an Arabian city than the Aladdin series. The character design is like one of those cut out animation like South Park, but was actually done in pencil, something that is very unique for Richard to make. The moment is also detail to look at, making every detail drawing to look at. Some of the scenes are not fully develop, since the Richard Williams version wasn't finish yet, showing some the storyboard and sketch design before the final project, but its still interesting to watch how the film is being made. If theres one tiny flaw I had to say about the animation is the changing of the color skin of Tak. At first he looks pal, then later one he looks as if he got a tan. I cant really argue with anything else besides that since the rest of the animation is probably the most creative designs I have seen since a Miyazaki film. Like I said before, the characters don't have that much dialogue. First theres Tak, a cobbler who probably have one of the coolest animated design I have seen. Looks more like a Tim Burton design than an Arabian. He doesn't have any dialogue until the end of the film. Curious personality but fun to look at. Then theres the Thief, who has no dialogue and just wants to steal anything he sees valuable. He's a bit of an antihero at first, but becomes good at the very end. Then theres Princess Yum Yum, who just wants to help her father around the kingdom and shares feelings for Tak throughout the movie. Zigzag is the next character to talk about, who Vincent Price does a good job voicing this character. Zigzag design is a mixture of Jafar and Genie, but with more of a Jafar personality. All he wants is to marry Yum Yum and rule the kingdom. finally, theres One- Eye, who rules his kingdom with an iron fist. He's probably more of an intimidating villain than Zigzag, who wants power and chaos throughout the land. The Thief and the Cobbler is a bad movie in general, but after watching the Re-cobble cut, its a film to watch for animation fans. Even though the story now is similar to Aladdin, the animation is beautiful to look at, and that includes the unfinished scenes. I recommend this film to animators who are interests in making an animated film.

John A (nl) wrote: Quiet, melancholy and daring film with beautiful moments and images.

Sean of the Dead (it) wrote: Very intense, complex psychological thriller. not for the squeamish!

HungYa L (gb) wrote: My first Kiefer Sutherland movie! There are not many Joel Schumacher movies I have enjoyed but this is one of which I really enjoy. It talks about redemption and stuff. It has its clever moments."Today is a good day to die."

Xavier C (ca) wrote: Interesting drama not enough excitement. Overall well made.

Panos M (ru) wrote: The movie missed a lot of chances to make a difference and the story more interesting.

Martin I (it) wrote: For a movie called "Creature of the Haunted Sea", it really didn't show much of the creature. I still found it oddly entertaining though. It was intended to be a comedy, not a horror movie. Also, you shouldn't get on it because of the ridiculousness of how the creature looked; it was made in 1961. We've been spoiled by an overabundance of CGI. It really wasn't all that bad.

Bob L (kr) wrote: Entertaining sequel to The Creature From The Black Lagoon. Poor soundtrack after the ingenuity of the first, with the odd orchestral stab every time we see the beastie, but the quality of underwater photography is there. Another eco issue here, this time of animals in captivity, has a treatment which has dated much more than the first movie and features an uncredited cameo debut of Clint Eastwood! Passable.

I am A (ca) wrote: I didn't really "get it"

Paul D (fr) wrote: A strong and gritty portrayal of an isolated platoon in the barren and deadly hills of Korea. Robert Ryan and Aldo Ray create a fantastic taught relationship as they both strive to escape their onerous situation.

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